Friday, September 12, 2014

The War Within

Another manifesto.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing about a woman's interaction with a man's cock last post. Some women seem so lost as to how to deal with a penis that they appear to be stumbling in the dark. Some think they know everything already, the penis being such a simple thing. But I find that some things aren't so simple when looked at from a different perspective. And then there is always the hobo perspective, drastic, yes, but it's mine.

My question now is pretty straight- forward: How do you deal with coming into contact with an erection? That's the question. One that women should really consider. Now I'm not talking about the show or act that some put on, where they feel a moment's fright and then gather courage and come off as intrepid. No, I'm talking about your initial, gutteral response to a cock that's ready to be done by you. Are you fearless, going up to it, taking hold of the shaft and jerking it off like a superstar, while at the same time smoking a cigarette in the other hand, watching TV, and doing your taxes?

Or are you the timid kind that is faced with the male member and blows it all out of proportion because of it's stature, design or infrequence in your life? Still, even at your age you freeze up momentarily at the sight of one. You march towards oral or manual copulation like you were marching in the death march of Bataan. This type of attitude shows where adjustments and improvements can, and should be made.

And yes, I'm talking about external genitalia. Do you cringe when presented with one? Do you act silly or coy? And if you do, are you one that has to be physically steered in a certain direction to be useful for a blowjob or a handjob? These are all relevant questions for you to examine and ruminate over because it may show that you have the wrong perspective in dealing with cock. I'll be frank and earnest in this manifesto so expect my opinions to be pointed and clear. If you don't think you can deal with it, stop reading here.

To get started, men react on brute number crunching in their heads. No shit. We don't do a whole lot of thinking because we have muscles. We can easily fight our way out of situations, or muscle our way through problems. We plow ahead, smashing and crashing through obstacles. We can do that. Women largely can't, so they use their brains more to solve problems. I'm not saying that this is a hard and fast rule. I'm broad stroking it here, but what I am saying is that as a general rule, you'll notice that men act one way and women act another.

Take driving. A husband and wife are in a car on a trip and they find that they are lost. The husband is just peachy keen in driving on through until he finds a sign or a landmark that will lead him in the right direction, and this marker is always just a few feet ahead. He's willing to plow forward until a solution presents itself. Whereas the wife consults a map and uses it to determine their position. If she can't find a map, she is the first one to offer the suggestion that they stop and ask someone which direction is the right direction. She resorts to using her intellect to solve a problem. Like I said, I'm not saying that you do this, I'm saying, as a general rule, this is the case. 

With this in mind, lets return to the penis and how a man views his lifelong member as opposed to a woman. Largely ignored on a daily basis, the dick is just present. It seldom sends any signals unless it's bent wrong in the slacks, or the balls are sticking to your leg. Other than that, it's strangely quiet, and stirs very little unless an attractive woman walks by. Then it stretches, as if reaching out with both arms and yawning in the morning. After the woman has passed, it settles back down and goes into a sort of hibernation. A kind of mountain bear that's nestled in the cave of our shorts and sleeps for most of the time.

The balls, well they are as present and as immaterial as the soul. They're there, somewhere, you just never think of them AT ALL. They might as well be gone for all intents and purposes. We would never miss them until we wanted to have them serviced.

To women, the penis seems like a magic wand, a telescoping wonder that swings around happily in our slacks and pops it head up at any sign of usage. However the fact is, is that it has a life of its own, and for the most part, the little fucker does whatever it wants when it wants to.

Sometimes, even when the situation is embarrassing and an erection isn't feasible, it will still present itself to our lifelong shame. One would think that if it worked in conjunction with our brains it would know better than to swell and distend itself at the wrong time and place, but no. It follows the beat of its own drum. We have little control over it, and that becomes clearly evident as we get older, and it gets less lively. The penis sometimes protests when we want to employ it for sex. As if going on strike, it can remain flaccid and stubborn and no amount of encouragement or coaxing will cause it to harden. That's just the way it is. Old age is a bitch.

Some women state that they would like a cock, just to see what one feels like between their legs. Well, frankly, it feels like nothing, until it gets aroused, and then it calls us to attention. As it extends and swells, it hardens, like quick drying cement, and as it does so it begins to cause us distress. The length of it aches, sometimes even throbs as it balloons. This is not a pleasant feeling although women think that it is. Instead, it is a marked feeling of urgency, or pointed imperative.

It wants stimulation up and down it's length, and the more the better. It wants to feel something, rub against something, enter something, plow through something. It's aching serves as a reason to act, to perform, to surge forward and direct every stimulus that can be found at it. If there was a bucket of sand nearby, you'd want to plunge your cock into it, just to feel the sensation of penetration. We want to thrust into something badly with it. We want to do away with the pain of erection as we search for another sensation to overcome the ache.

The second sensation, the pleasurable one, has to be built upon. Anything stroking the length of the penis, thumb and forefinger, mouth, vagina, anus, fist, hole in the wall, anything, given a period of time, can turn the ache of erection into a gratifying sensation, one that feels good but is still demanding. It desires an escalation of this sensation which still continues to mount as the penis grows in sensitivity. Once again, depending on the tightness around which the penis is enveloped, the thing which has enveloped the penis, and the speed of the up and down motion creating the sensation, it will take some time before the mounting pleasure turns into a maddening hunger for more, more, more, faster, faster, faster stimulation.

Once this is reached, a threshold begins to approach the penis, an expectation that seems to come from a great distance, apart from the penis itself. It surrounds the body and then collapses inward around the penis, like a growing sneeze. And as it nears, a paroxysm approaches, a point of no return is reached, and then the penis comes to life once more, constricting, jerking, firing jet after spirited jet of ejaculation, until, like some heaving bout with vomiting, it relaxes when emptied and the sensation, the locking up of every muscle in the body, the shorting out of the brain stem, the rush of blood to the head, is over.

That's the explan- ation of what a man feels before, during and after he is stimulated to orgasm. The cock serves as a mounting center of gravity. As it grows more demanding, grows harder, more insistent, we become more angrier, more forceful, more frantic. Watch a young boy masturbate, or even a grown man, and you'll see how he treats his erection.

At first he plays with it, pulling on it, stretching it until hard, then he beats on it with regular strokes until it grows sensitive to his touch. As the ardor nears, his regular strokes become an angry, furious yanking, faster and faster, harder and harder. An ever faster carousel until his muscles lock up and the only thing in the world is his dick, launching bolt after bolt of semen into the air, or just out of the penis to pour down its side. Whatever, this is a sweet release from a ride that felt like it had every intention of driving him mad.

That is why, in my last post, I tried to help women to realize that we don't treat our penises like they think we do. We do not treat it gingerly, delicately, carefully withdrawing it from our pants and returning it with the same regard. We don't even consider the member until we want to use it. When it comes time for us to have sex we do the hard number crunching in our brains and basically do the same things that we always do to bring ourselves to orgasm. If he wanted manual or oral stimulation the only recourse for the woman was to accept his penis in her mouth or hand for thirty minutes or so to bring him to orgasm, but I gave women a shortcut. That of the election of heat into the mix. One thing a man can handle, or more accurately, his cock can handle, is a moderate amount of pain. It's surprising when pain is delivered to the brain via the penis, it punctuates the ache of erection, jarring us from a stupor and bringing us back to the sex at hand.

On the whole, there is little that a woman can contribute when sex is involved. Mainly because the vagina is a passive member during sex. Don't give me that silly ass bullshit about how it tightens and vibrates and all that, there is no need for such dumb conversation. Can we dispense with the petty arguments and use two brain cells to understand what it is that I trying to say from a male perspective, and not from yours for a change?

All in all, the vagina does nothing but become pene- trated, which is its only function during intercourse. So there is little a woman can do to the penis to bring about an orgasm for the man once sex is initiated. The same goes with the anus, whose sole ability is to wrap around the penis, allowing the man to thrust in and out, using his own power, his own strokes to send signals up and down the length of his cock and into the pleasure centers of his brain. As he plunges ahead, it is his steam, his frantic motion that brings him to climax. Yeah, yeah, women move too, but the major signal to nerve transmission comes from the man plunging in with his cock.

So, sex equates to work for a man. Orgasm is what a man can eke out of it. The cock is mostly numb during the majority of this plunging action, and this works to the benefit of the woman because she is slow to orgasm also. A man that lasts only a minute or two before climax is a waste of time to women. They want that deep, thrusting penetration for as long as it can be sustained. They want it to continue until her vehicle warms up and she is ready to climax. That is why the penis cannot feel anything during the first half of inter- course, so as to extend the lovemaking.

So too is the urging of the penis a benefit. As it sends signals to the brain in waves while it enters and exits an aperture, the brain demands more and faster, harder and harder. The number of thrusts a minute into the opening doubles, triples. The pelvic blows against the entrance become harder and harder as the penis tries to drill deeper and deeper. The cock sends out steady waves of signals, trying to feed a ravenous brain which is in a feed back loop with the cock, making it equally as voracious.

Love- making then takes a critical turn as the penis allows the man to tap into the more darker, violent recesses of his brain. He'll go places that he normally doesn't go, feel less pity, and even want to inflict some moderate pain or force. His muscles seem to fill with electricity just before shorting out. He becomes rougher and more forceful. His mind is focused on only one thing, reaching orgasm and nothing can or will frustrate his getting there. He is in control of intercourse, he is in control of not only his body but who or whatever he's fucking. He expends the energy and will, to reach the reward. And then it is over.

Now lets move on to where all of this work, respon- sibility and control is taken away from the man when it comes to servicing his cock. When does this happen? When the man hands over his penis to a woman to engage in a blowjob or a handjob. She is then given the ability to dictate a man's sexuality. The cock can't do much on its own, and without a stable, stationary orifice, it just juts from the body, throbbing for attention. Largely it a branch from a tree, waving in the wind. The man can, unless he wants to bring about an orgasm on his own, do little more than walk in circles, waiting for someone or something to bring him to release.

Enter the woman, who is intent on manually stimulating him. She approaches the cock as if it was an appendage that is so foreign to her that she can only assume what to do, which is to stimulate the length of the prick with up and down strokes. If she is giving a handjob, she closes her hand around it gingerly and begins to jerk the cock with long, even tugs. If she is giving a blowjob, she puts the penis in her mouth and uses her tongue, the roof of her mouth and her lips to do the same. A steady, even pressure around the member as she bobs her head can deliver the proper sensation up and down the length of the cock. This is all good, but a woman soon realizes, after ten or fifteen minutes that it doesn't seem like he's ever going to cum.

That's because blowjobs and handjobs are not truly compatible with the inner workings of the cock. Simply put, the hand or mouth are not a vagina or anus. The hand and mouth understand a cock like dogs understand cats. There is no compatibility unless it is worked in. Otherwise what you get when you open your mouth is him trying to fuck your jaw loose. You can do that, or you can do something else, which actually puts the penis, as an antenna to the brain, on a different wavelength. This is important to understand. I'm going to tell you how not to let your mouth and hand become a second-hand vagina or anus, but instead, set them free, completely change the frequency of the signals and thereby roast his brain in the process.

But why in the hell would you want to roast his brain? Well, he's in a rut, his dinosaur brain has only one process to gather stimuli up from his penis to reach climax. This is the up and down frequency of sensation around his cock. By sending a new signal to the brain, and more and more differing ones allows the brain to enjoy a new grouping of sensations, completely alien to it and yet surprisingly vital. The penis sends a sharpened variety of the 'near-end' signals up the nervous system and triggers hormone production in the brain, sending him into a state of euphoria long before he cums. And you? Your mouth and hands are only a vagina or anus for ten minutes or less.

How in the world can I get his penis to cum in less than ten minutes, you may ask. First of all, the reasons why the penis is reluctant to cum during a blow or hand job is because of two things that I had mentioned earlier: firstly, the penis has a mind of its own, and will cum when it wishes to, on its own timer, when it is good and ready. As you hold it in your hand you can clearly see that it stands supreme and alone. We, honestly, have no control over this, and the penis will never give us that control. It is it's own sovereign nation, and we do it's bidding, not the other way around. I know, it's an uneasy peace, but there is nothing more we can do.

This means, don't pull the cock out of your mouth, or let your jerking arm fall slack from exhaustion and ask when are we going to cum. Frankly, we don't know, and the penis is not communicating anything to us at all to give you a straight answer. Only when we begin to feel the approaching freight train of orgasm can we give you a loose estimate, but until then, your guess is as good as ours.

And secondly, like I had mentioned before, this delay in sensation works for the benefit of the woman who enjoys the thrusting strokes of intercourse for longer and longer periods of time. During a righteous fucking, she floats on the frequency and forcefulness of the plunging motion and is not in any hurry for it to conclude. But during a handjob or a blowjob, she quickly tires and wants it to be over with. Continuing on with the same monotonous motion for longer and longer periods of time is exhausting and she longs for the job to finish.

Therefore, this is why I offer to women something of a shortcut when it comes to the manual stimulation of the cock. It is a way to bring it to climatic sensitivity faster and better than plain mouth motions or hand jerking. Why is the shortcut better?

Because it sends imperative signals straight to the male brain, causing fireworks to ensue in his skull. He is brought into the moment as if awakening him from slumber and focused fully on his erection. Also, he is no longer in control of the stimulus affecting his cock. You are. He is an unwilling participant to the actions that you will take. He is now in the passenger seat, and sometimes this is not a good feeling because the actions that I am instructing you to take can erode trust, and it takes a great deal of trust in letting someone else drive you around, or take control of your sexuality.

To be very clear, this control over sexuality involves pain. Simply put, you will be introducing pain into his pleasure, two oars of the same boat. Incredibly, yes. Unfortunately by employing only oral or manual stimulation you have been using only one oar, and you have to admit it has been slow going. And also as he gets closer and closer to climax he gets more and more aggressive with your mouth, which is being used as a vagina. If you had a clitoris on the edge of your upper lip, you would be writhing in delight. But your mouth was not designed for such, and you are not in ecstasy as such. Instead, your mandible is about to be fucked clear off your face. However, there is another way. You can mix pleasure with pain and get the same outcome, orgasm faster and stronger. And with a man...or woman, a moderate, reasonable amount of pain can be endured and morphed by the brain into rapturous signals.

This trans- mutation is vital because you can flood the brain with one, and then bring the penis to climax with a little of the other. A padding of the signals, you can call it. Instead of 40 or 50 minutes of weak signals to climax, you can instead add 20 or more minutes of strong signals to the brain and 5 or 10 minutes of weak ones to obtain his orgasm. Yes, pain is the strongest of all the signals in the body, and when you inflict pain, or more realistically, torture the cock, you will be literally putting gasoline on the fire of his arousal. You will be shifting him into a form of sexual overdrive that will tap into those dark recesses of his brain suddenly and deeply.

Yes, just as in the military, you have to break a man down before you can build him up, the same goes with taking him from presiding over his sexuality to letting you take the wheel. He has to be broken down and then when docile and pliable, brought to orgasm. This is not easy, and some men will protest just on principle, but a firm hand and a steady resolve from a woman can change all of this. She needs to be strong and durable, stubborn and steadfast because of her partner's protestations. I mean, come on, if you clamp down on a man's balls, alarms go off in his head.

And not only am I educating you as to how to clamp down on a set of nuts, I'm also instructing you on how to cause them distress. To flick them with a finger, slap them with a hand, deliver to the gonadal area something different than the monotonous up and down strokes of a hand or a mouth. This difference, these new sensations, will light up a man's brain, and like I said, cause alarms to go off. This is to be expected. A man protects his balls and sometimes doesn't even know that he's doing it. It's all a reflexive action, he does it without thinking. And this is where I came in at the beginning. Men don't think, women do.

So you need to use your brain. You need to know that you yourself do not intend your man any harm beyond what he can bear, and on top of that, you are doing all this to his gonads either because you care deeply for him, or you hate him sincerely. It's a fine line, I know, but  when you elect to take his balls in your hands you must walk it, and you must be confident in yourself as to how far and how well you know your man. You will have to push him, and you must do this by yourself.

Now, although I said that you had to do this all by yourself, I didn't mean that you had to do it alone. You will be by yourself in regards your determination to bring change into your relationship and your standard way of lovemaking. You'll have to effect a sea-change to be exact, introducing one step after another until you have a locker full of hurt for the cock and balls. That you may have to do by yourself. But if you're into humiliating the cock, and you have a relationship like that with your friend or neighbor, invite them to massacre the penis. Remember, he has already given it over to you.

There is nothing better than showing the penis that it's outnum- bered two to one, and that two women in control is a nightmare. That's right. If a man is ever frightened over the loss of his sexuality, this is the primary reason. But don't feel as if you are doing something cowardly or unfair. The cock is such a stubborn member that it will stand up to the both of you in its audacity. It doesn't care that the two of you mean it harm,  and it is not concerned that it has no way to defend itself against one woman, let alone two.

The penis is suddenly surrounded by malicious women who do not have its best intentions at heart, and yet it still stands unafraid. The good thing is, with a friend by your side, she can goad and encourage you to take more and more dramatic steps in regards the cock and balls. And if you can't, maybe she can take the lead and prove to you how easy it is to perform the step.

Re- member, your friend is not only discon- nected from the cock, she is also discon- nected from your man. There are no feelings on the table for her, so she can be as callous and uncaring as she likes. This can be good for you if you feel that you need the bolstering and encouragement and take this route. I would suggest doing it on your own at first to learn the ropes and the limits of your own endurance. Then later, to increase the amusement, invite your friend to come along and enjoy the fun. The two of you can make a party out of it.

But until then you have to become mean-spirited yourself, and take yourself to the limits of what you think you can dish out, and then some. You'll have to do away with your meek and compliant ways and instead become ill-natured and bad tempered towards the penis. You will have to be firm and resolute, a true disciplinarian, the evil nun from Catholic school, the fierce headmistress from boarding school. You have to assume these personas and carry them out fully, dealing a level of discomfort to your man that is sustainable and sensible. For him, he is going to have to trust you, especially if you refuse to alter from your path. Take small steps at first, don't go too extreme although this manifesto will take it to the extremes just to show you how far you can go. But until then, take baby steps ahead for yourself, because you will be dragging your man behind you by the balls, literally.

Now lets begin. He's got his demanding cock out, already interested in your sucking on it or jerking it's length, your man is in his comfort zone. Realize that this is the demarcation line. He is passing over full control of the cock to you. Mark this down, because this gives you the autority to go ahead and discipline the cock at your pleasure. Your man, from this point until after his final ejaculation, is no longer in control. Pinch the cock at the bottom of the shaft, let it get rigid and stiff. Play with the head of his cock with your tongue, but be reluctant to swallow it. Here is the old chestnut again, with you not in control, with you in the subservient role. But with a little stubbornness and clear direction, you can change this. 

A great tactic to begin with is to take him by the root of his scrotum, and clench your fist, one finger at a time, pushing the balls through your hand and out the other side, causing them to look like a swollen peach. When the skin is tight around the balls like a smooth, shiny apple, you have gone as far as you can. Any further would take time and practice.

Once done, use your other hand to spank them, gingerly at first, but build up the force- fulness as you beat on them. And as you discipline his balls, talk to them while completely ignoring your man for maximum effect. Tell the balls how they have been bad, how they have been hiding from you, tucked away quietly under the cock. You'll not allow that to ever happen again to these two fugitives because you are in charge now.

Chide his balls, and he will get the message that you are dis- regarding him, putting the focus of your attention on his gonads completely. This is good, because like I said before, both cock and balls are their own sovereign territory and have their own mind and purpose. By excluding your man, you're only doing what the penis and testes do on a daily basis, which is ignore him.

If you really desire to separate him from his balls, and to severely isolate your man from his own sexuality, pull the balls down and behind him so that they are fully at his rear end. This may cause your man to bend over, but this is of no concern or any real importance. All your man has to look at from this point on is the far wall ahead of him. Don't worry about this, signals are still reaching his brain. This is an optimal position to spank his balls since they are fully exposed behind him, and your man is bent over, taking his punishment as if a wretched school teacher was spanking him with a paddle.

Go farther. Just look at them, don't they look like a ripe fruit? Why not snack on those red and swollen balls? They look vulnerable and delicious, don't they? Like I said, they look like a fresh Georgia peach now swinging alone on a low branch of a tree, completely defenseless, so why not sink your teeth in? Remember the cock isn't the only outlaw in town, and these balls have been getting away with murder for the longest time.

Always under the wire, always silent, a pair of mischie- vous hoodlums looking for some trouble to get into. The cock may go turgid, stand rigid and rise up to you in its arrogance, but ignore this, the balls are still two sinister thugs, hot wired to the brain just like the cock. They stay in dark places, filled with dark thoughts, they are no more innocent than the cock is. Don't let them avoid your wrath. Come down on them, stuff them in your mouth, chew on them, hold them tight at the root, constricting blood flow to them momentarily. Just like the cock, they are all yours to use and abuse. Jump in and have fun!

With this next admonition be very patient and take a moment to stretch the balls and the scrotum away from the cock. There will be more on this technique later. But for now you had been dealing with them in a harsh, single handed grip. Now it is time to expand that. If the scrotum has elasticity enough for it, work in trying out a two handed choke hold.

In the beginning, they may only move a fraction away from the body, but over time you can have them descend farther and farther until you get them nearly on the floor. The reason for this is that in the future you can then do wild and wonderful things with the balls, like hold them in a hand each, or flip them above the cock, or just hold them far from the body where your other hand can get a good tennis swing going and slap them across the hall. There is no reason to really be concerned with harming the balls, leave that to your man as he yelps and cries out at your bullying of them.

You've squeezed at the root of the balls until they swelled in your fist, and then, with the both of them so exposed, you slapped them around. Have some more enjoyment, you deserve it. Grab that Georgia peach in one hand and crush it. Try to use your hand as a nut cracker and squeeze the balls together to see if they will break. They are pliable enough and will yield to steady pressure. The cock will most likely stand up hard in silent protestation of your treatment of the testicles, but who listens to a silly cock?

Slap it sharply upside the head a few times. This will not make it back away, but it is funny watching it bob back into your hand for another slap. It's time to taunt and ridicule the little bastard, and knock it off its perch. It needs proper supervision and discipline, and this is par for the course. The cock and balls are getting its long awaited just deserts.

Don't stop there, as the balls get sensitive, sending signals like explosions to the skull as if you are slapping his very brain, the penis itself will begin to send messages. It begins throbbing, forcefully, telling the brain that it is being ignored for the sake of the balls. It wants attention too. So typical of the little Prima Donna. Normally it would get ALL of the attention, so now it feels like the orphan in a boarding house. But what the penis is ready for is the stroking up and down of it's length. Deny it to the cock right now. All that comes later, much later. Instead, harshly flick the head of the penis with your finger, ring his bell, flick that little glans around like a tiny dinner bell. Just like the balls, this action sends tidal forces to the brain, and sensitizes the penis for further work.

Another thing that you can do when the cock comes calling is to take away some of its steam. It circulates blood up into and around its stupid head and then sends it back down through the penis and into the body. To prove a point to this arrogant pretender, why not crush the head in your fist, like you have just done to the balls? Make the fist tight enough so that the head can feel itself collapsing due to the force of the compression.

The penis is not that strong, it doesn't take much strength at all to accomplish this. Further, the head of the cock hates this, and sometimes the erection will falter because you are literally pushing blood back into the body, like squeezing a tube of toothpaste in reverse. A note to the other hand: when compressing the head of the cock, ease pressure on the root of the penis to allow the back-flow of blood to re-enter the body and not get caught between a rock and a hard place. This can be extremely painful. A further point about this really doesn't send any direct messages to the brain, but it certainly adds an emotional context to the abuse, as the cock is meant to feel weak and powerless to stop such a simple threat.

And don't get dismayed. Just because the cock begins to go flaccid over this technique, it's not as bad as if it had ejaculated. If that had happened you would have been penalized by the refractory period. More on this later. Suffice it to say, you are still on easy street after the penis goes limp. Give it a taste of what it wants, suck on it momentarily and in an instant it'll come surging back into the fray. The second that it's erect discipline the shit out of it.

And once again take it up with the balls. Quickly bring them into the crosshairs. Both of them, cock and balls, although strangely separate, are part and parcel of the same whole. I want you to think of the balls as habitual criminals constantly laboring in the background. This means flicking them like you did the head. Go back and forth between cock and balls, and don't forget to try to knock one ball into the other to get the true bell ringing experience. It will send a short circuit straight to his brain and a short, sharp stab of pain to the bottom of his stomach. You can do this more by flicking the balls at the back of the scrotum, sending them up towards the penis.

Why do you want sharp pain to settle in the pit of his stomach? Because it's enter- taining to put it simply. Learn to enjoy yourself as you inflict distress on his genitalia because this will help you not to take his suffering seriously, numb any compassion that you are feeling for him, and take satisfaction in that you are now master of his ability to achieve orgasm. One thing to take serious note: watch your nails that you are not scratching the scrotum when you flick the balls. Be careful of this because the scratching causes the skin of the scrotum to feel more pain than the balls and if this occurs you will be confusing the brain and ending his drive to climax.

At this point the penis is confused and bewildered and the stimuli that it used to receive have all changed to completely chaotic white noise. The signals that it is now sending to the brain are equally confounding. What was once standard transmissions in his head have now become insane, and what was once controlled by him completely is now controlled by another.

For the first time you can see the proud vista above the tip of the penis. You are in full control. If a man ever had a handle, like a suit case or the handle of a frying pan, his penis is it. He goes where it goes. She that controls the cock controls the man, and it's all yours now to do with what you may. Exercise your ability to command him fully.

Don't stop there, the cock is a resilient thing, and too much of something is not good. To just keep flicking the head of the penis only becomes irritating, so do everything that I tell you sparingly.

Jump around, be creative, there is an entire repertoire of things you can do to the cock. I'll give you some pointers, but remember, you have an intellect so go ahead and let your imagination run riot over this little pencil. Once you are shown that there are no boundaries, you'll be able to make up your own cock shellacking to tenderize his dick and to make it a suitable place for your sucking or hand jerking.

Now, lets get down to brass tacks. The foremost thing that you need to know about the cock and balls is that they encourage each other. All three are delinquent and are in dire need of proper guidance, but the problem is, when the three of them are together, they get rambunctious. They become combative and willful and unless you separate the three of them, they will just continue on with their wicked behavior. The solution to this is to learn how to hold both cock and balls in the proper manner for separation. What you will need is both hands and a firm resolve to affect this solution because it looks more uncomfortable than it feels.

You see, the cock and balls believe that they can't be separated, and they prove it to you often. So to correct this, you need to grab both balls firmly, as well as the cock, and pull them apart. Act as if you are trying to pull the balls clean off the body. In actuality they are even more useless than the cock. If not for the fact that they produce sperm, they would serve no purpose other than to be beaten on by you. On second thought, the fact that they produce sperm is meaningless, their sole purpose here is to submit to your rough domestication.

Keeping them in a two handed grip, pull them apart, hold them firmly and keep them like that for a limited period of time. Enjoy this, its for a good cause and it's beneficial in the long run. Have fun with this, because this is the last thing that the cock and balls ever thought you would do. Laugh in their faces.

This also does two things. It not only separates the groups, it builds elasticity in the scrotum. As you continue to do this, without warning, and on occasion, you lengthen the balls, pulling them away from the body. This is a goal, I'll tell you why later. This also isolates the three troublemakers, leaving them to stand on their own before you. Even though you are abusing them together, you do not want them to build any solidarity against you. So go ahead and separate them to the anger and despair of both gonadal parties involved.

On the other side of the same token, take that cock and close your fist at the base of the shaft, as far down as you can go, even grab some pelvis if you have to, and include the base of the balls, catching them in your grip too. Make a tight fist, forcing all three, balls and cock through your fist and out the other side. It will look like some strange frankfurter and bun sticking out of your fist, but never mind that. Hold it firmly. Also, find it in yourself to laugh at this because the cock hates merriment in the face of its suffering.

What you are doing here is trapping blood in the length of the cock. It will turn redder and redder, and harder and harder, and more and more sensitive. Now this can't be done for too long, only hold it for no more than three to five minutes, and after the first thirty seconds slap the cock back and forth with the other hand. Smack it like you are trying to smack sense into it, repeatedly. And don't forget to talk to it as if it is ignoring you, as if it is defiant of you, because it is. The penis has no intention of letting you wrest its precious cum from it, neither do the balls. They are both a monolithic entity, stronger and more resistant than you. You will have to correct this erroneous position.

The erect cock, so proud and distended, as if it's puffing out its chest to you, daring you to do something, anything to it. Well do something to the little motherfucker, strangle it. Grab that little bitch with both hands and squeeze the life out of it. The cock will be hard to the touch, and difficult to grip very firmly, because it will be like squeezing a broomstick, but get a little out of it, tell it that you're strangling it within an inch of it's life, what is it going to do about that?

Shake him in your two handed grip, jerk him even. Go nuts on him and take delight in your maltreat- ment of the cock. Remember this, when you hold it this hard, and you yank on it this brutally, your hand does not make the transit up and down the shaft, but instead the skin of the cock does, moving up and down. If you stretch the skin to its maximum, this can be very painful. So take some care, baby oil your hands, but for the most part, have your way with it, wind it between his legs like a crank.

Do whatever you wish to your joy and satisfaction. This is your time, you are the master of ceremonies and the cock is an unwilling victim. You can put on the tin badge and be the new sheriff in town. What ever it is that you want to do will happen. It is exclusively in your hands, literally. Just remember to deal out an even and steady harm, keep to your resolve, and do not let pity creep in. It's ordained, the penis is going to have a scathing lesson dealt to it. I ask you again, what is the cock going to do? Sign a petition?

Choke the head, make a rivulet of pre-cum dribble out of the tip of the penis, so that you can lick it up. Make it turn red and swollen, but here you have to be brief. 30 seconds, no more, because this is a confined space and the pain escalates quickly and sharply. Too long and you'll cause his dinosaur brain to go on the defensive and he might get aggressive. And aggression is different from reluctance.

When you introduce your man to radical stimulation for the first time, he'll be reluctant, flinching and cringing with every blow that you give his cock. This is to be expected, and he will begin to bargain with you. He might snatch his cock out of your hands, hold it protectively, take a step back from you and argue with you that you are inflicting pain. Tell him don't be a baby, he won't die. He still may be reluctant, warning you not to do it again. This is a man not thinking. The fact of the matter is that his brain is swimming in a soup of endorphins, and he is giddy with pain. He fears damage to his cock, but he also wants his cock sucked, which I hope you are doing at intervals between periods of your ill-treatment.

Realize something, don't lose sleep over his demands for you to suck his cock and to stop with the bullshit. This is just useless posturing, because he wants his dick sucked. You'll do this much later for him, but instead of taking forever for him to cum, you are lowering the curve by first tenderizing his erection, and then suck the fuck out of it. Suffice it to say, for right now, as you take hold of his proud little horn in your hand, you have other plans for the little rebel. The best that your man can do is to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Always hold the cock firmly by the root, pausing only from time to time to allow blood to enter back into it. Watch how the head swells when you hold it tightly, and shrinks when you allow the blood to course through the member once more. Here you show to the cock that you've got all the power. Its only source of needed stimuli is now through you.

You and your hands are the only signal source that this antenna, this cock, will receive from. It will do this at your direction and at your pleasure as you abuse the penis, making a mockery of the simple signals that used to reach the brain. This action will also further sensitize the cock so that when you are sucking or hand jerking it the time has now been cut down to only minutes instead of nearly a half hour for him to cum.

Honestly, there is no doubt that the penis has always held a fascination for women, its simple design, its unique appear- ance,  its erect stature, the shape of its head, the location of its balls, it appears so awe inspiring. Yes, the penis is a marvel of design, but that should not cause you to impute any honor or distinction upon it. Clear your mind and strive to understand its place and yours at this moment. You are in domination over it by the simple fact that it sits silently and placidly in your fist awaiting your commission of mischief and misfortune and not the other way around.

As you take a moment to reflect upon this, consider yourself fortunate to have had a change in thinking, and that now, the roles between you, and it, the little emperor, have now reversed. Kneel beside it and see how you still tower over it. As it struggles to stand up taller, you are still head and shoulders above it. Shake the penis and watch as it waves obediently to your slightest effort and you will come to the realization that it's just a cock.

Getting back to the issue at hand, don't be alarmed when he takes his toy away from you, because, simply put, he wants you to play with his toy. Like some petulant child, he'll remove his penis from your control and warn you to cease and desist your hurting it. Tell him whatever, tell him to bring his defiant cock over to you, warn him that the cock thinks that its going to withhold that delicious spunk from your tummy. Goad him on, especially with the reward of swallowing his semen. Let him know that his cock has a long road ahead of it, and that it's too stubborn to realize that it can't prevail against you.

That alone will cause his dinosaur brain to rethink its actions. Tell him you want him to cum in your mouth because you are hungry. You want to jam his cock into his balls, puncturing them like juice boxes, and use it as a fat silly straw to suck out every ounce of sperm in his  captive scrotum. Lay it on thick. Pour on the charm. Be decisive, be forceful. The cock is nothing but yours and he has no right to take it from you as you make it ready for ejaculation. He should realize that...and he will.

Guess what? You might not believe this but reluctantly he will return the penis back to you. That's right! HE'LL GIVE YOU THE COCK BACK! Don't be surprised when this happens, although it is quite astonishing. You were brutalizing his loving member just moments ago and he does the stupid thing of giving it back to you. He is also redoubling his permission for you to knock around his member. Here is where you become uncaring. His cock has already received conflicting signals from your mistreatment. You can't go back now, but still give him a moment's respite.

Give him a moment to believe that he has reached you in some way, that he has some kind of control over the situation. Suck his dick. At this point it's already sore, inflamed, irritated and somewhat tender, that means the appropriate signals are therefore being sent to his brain with a new clarity.

Suck his dick for a moment, then jerk him off for a moment, suck his dick then jerk him off but watch the hue of the penis. Is it little and red, throbbing  and hard? Awww, too bad little fella. If it is all of these things then grab it decisively by the root and return right back from where you left off, torturing his gonads.

Strangle his cock, and while you are doing it, lick the frenulum harshly. Your tongue, when used correctly, can have the same coarseness as that of a hair brush. Go ahead, give the area a few stiff strokes with your tongue. The frenulum is the underside of the penis where it makes an inverted V in the head of the cock, joining and leading up to the penile opening.

This is one of the most sensitive areas of the penis, and as you constrict the blood to it, it's signal to noise trans- mission is off the charts. It sends rolling waves of pleasure to the skull, and opens up a new vista for your man.

So go ahead, lick the frenulum as hard as you can, as long as you want to, or if you want, use a copious amount of saliva or lubricant and rub it harshly with a fingertip, or stop, make a small loop with your index finger and thumb, and stroke the head of the penis with short, sharp strokes, concentrating the full friction of your loop on the ridge. Your man will get the message. But be careful with this, because this direct stimulation can have him ejaculate in a matter of a couple of minutes. Use sparingly or he'll be firing off sperm sooner than you would like.

Some- times, if the penis is long enough, swinging it about can be beneficial. This too lets the penis know that it is you who are in complete control. Take that cock, and instead of slapping it, use it like a baton and smack it in the palm of your hand, over and over. This, incredibly enough, gives a different sensation than just slapping it around. While you are sucking on it, yank it angrily out of your mouth and slap it sharply against your cheek repeatedly, on your lolling tongue or even on your breast. If you're close to the sink, bang the head of the cock a few times against it if it'll reach.

Even when you are sucking on a cock, you can deliver some errant stim- ulation. Bite down on the dick, especially in the beginning when it is mostly numb. If you have been slapping the cock around for a period of time I would advise against this, unless you are careful, because the incisors, or the front teeth are sharp and can deliver more than the dull pain that you have been inflicting on his penis and balls so far.

But if you are just getting started, go ahead and bite down. He'll feel pressure around his penis but many times little else. If he jumps, flinches or yanks his cock out of your mouth, this might just be a reflex action. Use your common sense. Did you hurt him or not?

If he's being a little bitch, tell him sorry, then bite down on the cock a little later, but once you introduce something, never stop, always return to it until the penis gets used to the idea that this act is going to stay. Further, he needs to stop acting like a little boy and allow his cock to take it's long overdue medicine like a man.

What I am saying is that a little anger and discipline from you now is key. Harshness and unsympathetic treatment is more valuable here. Ignore your man, it's not necessary to make him a participant in his mind or yours. He has given you a job to do, and has handed his male member over to you as if it was detachable. He wants YOU to take care of this, and you will have to, and furthermore, you can do it WITHOUT him. Talk to his penis as if it was a separate entity. Tell it your intentions. Warn it to behave or you will have to discipline it further, then discipline it severely any-fucking-way. You are in control, it is not, and never can be. Your man has abdicated, as if he had any control at all. This is truly a mind game against you and a small appendage that has a one way mind of its own.

The cock is your sworn enemy. Don't take it as a joke, it's not funny. You are as hated by it as it is by you. Its stand is clear. It has a focus. It wants no part of you and has no desire to do what you say, or give you what your man wants, which is to clear out his clogged pipes. You have to be the plumber, and this cock is nothing more than stubborn tubing. That's what the cock's just a cock. It's not magical, it's not to be envied, it's not to be worshiped. It's a simple dependent cut of veal that he urinates through and is thereafter forgotten about until it meets up with you again. That's when it comes alive, not because it recognizes you, or is obedient to you, but instead in defiance of you.

Don't stand for that shit at all, and don't stand for reluctance on your man's part either. You are in charge, and the cock will have to deal with the full force of your anger. Look in your hand--didn't he put his dick there for you to do what you want with it? He thinks you are to just stick it in your mouth and suck on it. Fuck that. Point it to the ceiling and jerk up and down on it with your fist coarsely and furiously. Beat his meat like he does when you aren't around. Go up and come down, and bash your fist on his balls as you land against his pelvis. With each down stroke you will be ringing his bells. Beat that meat like it owes you money.'s all about attitude. Be forceful, be strong, be harsh and ruthless...but you have to also strike a balance. You also have to have fun.

You see, just sucking a cock is dreadfully boring, and just jerking a dick off is mono- tonous. It can put you and your man to sleep. It is such a vanilla way of doing things. Why continue when you have a perfectly good functioning cock that can't do a fucking thing about your mistreatment of it? It's healthy and strong and can take all the punishment that you can dispense, so since it can't say no, why not?

If it had a voice, make it whimper and cry. If it had hands, make it try to defend itself. If it had feet, make it run. But it has none of these. It's sole purpose now is to deal with your temper. Focus, this is between you and it so you need to keep your wits about you. You need to walk a tightrope of causing harm to the penis and not. You have to reach an unholy triangle, where you are harming the cock, bringing subtle pleasure to the cock, and having fun with the cock.

Understand that the task at present is simple enough. Grab his little repro- ductive organ and carefully spice manual sex up for him by dressing the little, defenseless cock down. Don't be afraid of it, no matter how hard or long it gets. Stare it down with both eyes focused upon it like a laser sight and clearly announce to the head of the cock that you are going to fuck it up intensely. And then go ahead and do so.

It is now necessary to rake his fleshy stalk over the coals. Make it your aim to take that erection and make an example of it. You need to make it into a fantastic voyage for the little piece of meat protruding from your acrimonious fist, and it should be one for you too, since you are in the driver's seat. You should tell it this directly, because for some things bad, the penis should see it coming.

Sucking cock or beating meat alone is not necessary, but radical stimulation of the penis can be exciting and fun. And that's the real gist of the matter, which is to enjoy yourself and find pleasure in what you are doing, even though your man and his cock cannot. He and his penis are suffering together. But as for you, laugh your ass off. Get a kick out of it, have a blast, because it's only a cock. That's right, this is only fun and games and his cock is only a meaningless, valueless nonessential. Furthermore, it's not attached to you, it's not a part of you, so you have nothing to worry about, you are not privy to their suffering. Beat his tender, swollen balls and pitiful cock as long and as hard as you want, you won't and can't feel a thing. Your hand won't even hurt.

The cock is hard-headed but it can be made to bow to your will. Take it for a run around the house. Walk it up and down the hallway. Don't be concerned about your man, he'll find something to do as you take his cock on a stroll. Maybe he'll watch sports on the television. Who cares? Concentrate fully on the cock. Take that cock and put it on a table when your man has grown used to radical stimulation and do things with it, spank it with a ruler, or do something more, which will be explained later. A tabletop can be used for such wonderful things. Take a pen or a marker and draw on his little pecker if you like. Sign your name in bold letters so that the little penis knows who's in charge. Remember, it's yours until you give it back, and don't be in too much of a hurry to do that. Be pleased with your new plaything, frolic with it, it's just for laughs.

What I am saying is have your way with the dick. Feel free to carouse and caper, entertain yourself and fool around. The cock can't hurt you, it can't struggle against you, it can't fight back. It can't move much on its own, it can't defend itself, it can't cry out and tell you to stop. It can't sign a protest, neither can it call for help. To do any of this it needs the man, and as I said before, the two do not communicate. Without help from the man, the only thing the cock can do is ejaculate.

Clearly, the cock is a nobody, insignificant, and the recipient of nothing. It spends its time frivolously, wasting away the day as it lounges about. It is a wastrel, a slacker, thinking that it only serves one purpose, the purpose of sending pleasurable signals to the brain. Well now, you are showing it that it has it all wrong. It can be re-purposed to do much, much more, and you are here to enlighten it on that point. If your man is becoming docile by now, the endorphins are changing the chemical composition of his brain, relaxing him. It is also numbing him against the distress of his cock so that you can step up the chastisement. Remember though, your goal is to get it to ejaculate, not scold the cock indefinitely.

But because of the cock's self- important quest for solitude and separation from the rest of the body, it has cut itself off from the one person that can verbalize or defend it against you...your man. And your man wants pleasure, and the penis is the only way to go about it. But you are here to put a stop to that. You are here to re-educate the tiny puppet that it is meaningless in the grand scheme of things, and that it will obey you and not the other way around. It thinks it knows it's sole purpose, and it is willing to fight you to prove it to you. But you are here to redirect the reason why the penis is between his legs.

Its sole purpose between his legs is for your enjoyment, for your amuse- ment, for your abuse, for your mistreat- ment, and for you to maul and batter. The cock will be surprised at this, even indignant, but that's just tough shit, it's about to be disciplined. You are going to give it a new understanding, a physical visualization of exactly how so weak and feeble it is that it can't even stop you from carrying on and frolicking with it. You're here skipping and playing with it like its a little rag doll, and all it can do is endure.

So with you playing torturer in a clown car, wearing a funny mask, the jokester, the madcap, the life of the party, this will be an insane three ring circus for your significant other and a living nightmare for his cock. The little halfwit will be the Punchinello, taking it all on the chin, and you'll be the prankster, with the exploding gum and boxing glove to the eye. You'll laugh and frolic while the cock stays crestfallen and despondent. As for your man, he'll wish that he both didn't have a cock and be happy that he does all at the same time.

If it wasn't for two things, urination and ejacu- lation, the cock would be a good-for-nothing stump. It could be a tail for all that matters, and the funny thing is that a tail can at the very least be wagged. Unless it's erect, there is nothing that can be done with the cock. It is indeed a hopeless attachment. Wag it sharply for him. Shake it roughly from side to side while holding it firmly at the root at all times. Let that blood pool in it, and let the head swell like a mushroom cap.

Like I said, for the man, the cock has never moved on it's own before, and this only goes to cement in his light-headed mind that you are in command of it now, and he will have to wait to get it back, as well as wait for his orgasm. But his mind on the matter is of no consequence. It is the mind of the cock that you want to reach, and by toying around with it, you inculcate in it that it is meaningless, insignificant and trivial. It may be perceptive and subsisting, but it has no real value, other than that of your gratification and merriment.

Now for strictly a bell ringer. I'm reluctant to suggest this, but this one will give you lasting joy and satisfaction as long as you perform it and do it out of the clear blue sky. But you should know that you can take the discipline of the cock even farther with the old cock punch. Give no indication that its coming and it will be a laugh riot. It will startle the idle cock, especially if coming out of left field and landing with a solid weight. Talk about a wake up call for the little straw boss.

You don't have to throw a beating on the cock, well not right away, but you can deliver some solid blows to the cock and balls. You can really let it all hang out on the cock as you wail away. It can take a pretty good beating. When swinging at it, you have to trap it between your fist and his stomach, but it's still somewhat of a cushion so you aren't going to do too much damage. You can also swing at the fences, scoring a right and left cross as the cock projects proudly from the body knocking it stupidly from side to side, only to pop up once again like an inflatable punching clown. Also you can trap the cock between palm and fist. What a laugh.

But the two idiots standing naked out in the open field are the balls. They have nowhere to hide and nowhere to run from the devastating cock punch. Neither do they have anything to cushion against except for the unrelenting pelvic bone, which means that the entire brunt of the blow is transmitted straight to the brain. But just take note, if you really ring this bell, your man is going to crumple to the floor like an accordion or he might even faint. A good measure is to lay him across the bed before punching his balls so that he can pass out without harm. He would have to be pretty advanced to sustain such a blow and keep standing.

You can feel sorry for him if you wish, but then again, it's his cock that is being stubborn, forcing you to resort to desperate measures. Depending on the level of anti-pain hormones in his bloodstream, he just may get up and let you try it again. But even after he crumples to the floor, and his balls ring from the blow, guess who is still standing tall and defiant, stubborn to the last. You got it, the cock. It just stands there, glowering back at you in useless anger. What's the point? What can it do? Ask it that, and wait for an answer. There will be none forthcoming. So flimsy and fragile it doesn't even have a voice box to speak, a head to nod, arms to cross. It will just stand there, boldly challenging you, so you should therefore return the favor with a heaping dose of malice.

For it's insolence, reach out and snap it in two if you can. Well maybe not go quite that far, but at least bend him. But that's why the cock doesn't deserve your pity or your admiration. It deserves nothing from you except your temper and ire. It's only aim is to stand in the way of you and your man's ejaculation, and the truth is neither you nor him want that. Both of you are in unison with the desire to make this stubborn, resistant third vestigial leg, cum. The difference now is that you are going about it in a different way. You are going down a path that is more convenient for you, more exciting for you, and has more control for you.

If you want, you can choose to go around the blowjob altogether and manually milk your man like a cow by contin- uously pulling on the cock as if it was an udder. Sooner or later, and probably so much sooner that it will surprise you, he will launch bolt after bolt of semen at your face and on your hands. Remember, you promised him that you will swallow every drop, so begin licking it up ravenously. That's your man's reward for being trusting and obedient. As for the penis, it NEVER, EVER gets a reward or a bonus.

There is an even more severe punish- ment for the cock than just the cock punch. It's pretty simple actually, but your man has to be well indoctrinated into giving over his penis to you for some severe tenderizing. But to just prove how tough and defiant a cock can be, only by penis compression can you truly beat it at this game. Penis compression or cock crushing as it is sometimes lovingly called is when you get your man to stand next to a table, and put his cock on top of it. Next, you climb up on the table, walk over to him and step on his prick, applying some, half or all of your weight carefully. This, strangely enough, can cause the cock to ejaculate almost immediately, so use this sparingly and as a last resort. This is a closer and the end of the contest so save it for last. 

And lets not forget the balls. That's right, you can have him place those on the table top also and you can crush them with the same mercilessness as you had just done with the cock just minutes earlier. Trust me, the balls can take it and then some. In reality, these can be some of the funniest moments you can have. Laugh out loud and enjoy yourself at the expense of the cock. Look at the funny shapes the balls and cock make as they extrude like toothpaste from under your foot. The cock may not think this to be very funny, but then again, who gives a fuck about that?

You can see now the useless- ness of feeling pity for the cock and balls as you slap them around, flick them or punch them. Over time, and with enough endorphins in your man's body, the balls can take an untold amount of pain. Also on both accounts, with cock and balls, stand on them for a few moments, grind them underfoot like cigarette butts. This is the best way of crushing a cock. Watch the cock move about involuntarily as you crush the balls, how it bobs and swings when you scrape them down. If you're playing a stereo you can make the cock go up and down like a conductor's wand to the music without using your hands.

Let it feel your complete lack of com- passion or caring as you smash it into the wood of the table. Like I said, the cock cannot stay hard under these conditions and will quickly give up before you are through. Let it pulsate underfoot as it spits cum in a pool at your feet in resignation as it loses heart and abandons all hope. As for your man, stand prepared because he will be exhausted, that's if he doesn't faint.

After this, do you think that the cock knows who really is the boss over it? The real truth is that you are the master of the cock's domain. It is the big loser, no matter the airs it tries to put on. You need to explain this to it repeatedly, because the cock is belligerent and forgetful. It will take a break, forget about you, forget about it's ordeal, and once thoroughly forgotten, return to test your mettle once more.

That's why you need to open a dialogue with the cock and put it in it's place every time you win with hurtful trash talk, and intend to beat it every time. Tell it not to act so foolish next time and to stop the struggle against you sooner. Explain to it that although you love the man connected to it, you will not tolerate any rebellion from it. The cock will hatfully understand. There's little chance that he will comply with your wishes, but it'll understand.

And that's just it, com- pliance. You need to realize that the cock will never comply. It is just not in its nature. You may think that you put a severe enough beating on it that it should never have to be done again, but this will not be so. You will have to discipline it again and again. This may lead to frustration and anger on your part, as it most rightly should. However this will serve no purpose. Unrestrained fury before the cock will not get it to back down, and may cause you to accidentally harm the cock by not restraining your fury. That is why the balance is so difficult to maintain, between harm, pleasure and fun.

Re- member, when you feel the tension rise, find humor or something enjoyable about or to do with the cock to make you laugh and break the building anger within you. I've said it before, and cannot stress it enough. Remember to have fun. Find delight in torturing the cock, and you will not have to struggle with your hate.

Now remember I said earlier that you need to drink up your man's cum because after enduring the hour or two (time flies when you are having fun) of your harsh treatment, he deserves a reward for his trust in you and relaxing until the hormones kicked in. He has been obedient and meek and you cannot deny him of your putting on a show as you lap up his semen. Critical in this is to not let it seem that it is difficult to do. Put on a good performance. Be hungry for it, lap it up, rub your tummy and hum when you are done. The more enjoyable you make it seem, the more pleasure your man will savor.

But I also said that the penis does not deserve a reward from you, it does not deserve any bonus, patience or care. It's only job is to put your man on the see-saw of pleasure and pain, and to provide you with merriment. But to put your man on the upswing of pleasure you'll have to treat the penis amicably. You'll have to lavish on it some TLC so that it can tell the difference between punctuated roughness against it and a break in the pain.

That's just it, it's not a reward that you are giving the penis when you stop the session, it's simply a break. Gingerly jerk the cock up and down, hold it with a moderate pressure, lick it's length; suck on it softly, kiss the frenulum. Take your time. In this way, the cock can turn down the volume of the signals that it has been delivering to the brain, and let your man know that you are pausing for his sake also. The both of them are undergoing this ordeal and their pain connection is real. But as you separate the cock from the man, he separates himself from it too. Due to the endorphins flooding his bloodstream, he is capable to taking a step back and realize that you are correct about the behavior of the cock. Because of this he will give over authority to you as to how to discipline the member.

It's at these pause points in between that you can show a little, just a little, compassion towards the cock. You aren't unreasonable and you can settle down and stroke the ego of the little maniacal maniac for a short period. He will only become puffed up with pride and harder to deal with in the pause. The penis can come back in an instant, firmer and more resolute than ever. This you don't want, but you have to walk a fine line, you have to treat it like it is pardonable, without giving it a pardon. Hold it, stroke it, the penis loves that. It instantly starts to send pleasurable signals to the brain to mask over the fire there. Be gentle for a minute to lower the heat of the ordeal, and then, without warning or indication, lay into it again, bringing the penis back around as to where it really is, in your house of injury.

You have the authority given to you by your man, you have the power, because you have the cock by the balls, you have the decisiveness, because you are dealing a very formidable campaign against the cock, and you have the upper hand, literally as you pull up on the penis. Whereas you can do whatever you like, the cock is a helpless captive, a simple slave to your whims, incapable of resisting your hand in the slightest. All it can do is stand there and take it's medicine.  Now seriously, how weak and powerless is that?

And you are doing just that. By doling out corrective indoctrination, you are also allowing the cock to swallow a bitter pill, because it will have to answer for its disobedience in the face of your authority. Stare it down and laugh at it. It'll have to face the music, and you are the conductor of the symphony. And face the music it will, because not soon after a practical pause, go right back to where you stopped in your punishment, pick up from where you left off, and give the cock another dose of your ill humor as you bring it around to it's senses.

Now I'm not saying that my instruc- tions will work on every man. To the contrary, some men have serious emotional issues and pain is a frightful thing for them. To inflict any kind of pain on them, emotional or physical will elicit a negative response. Steer clear of this. There are some men that cannot tolerate any pain, leave these alone too. Your options in men may dwindle, and there may be some man that you want who will not put up with any of these things. Well that's sorely up to you what you do. But if you want a certain dynamic in your lovemaking and would like a change from the ordinary, you will need to find the right man. You need a man that is strong, steady and trusting because he is allowing you to go off on a tangent, and he has to admit, the sensations that he is receiving are unique and exciting.

But care should be taken with all things when you are tugging on two handfuls of his balls and cock. Don't get over excited and do too much. Take your time, be careful and methodical. You are playing around with his reproductive organs and it's easy to lose sight of that while you are taking pleasure in your new role, your new toy, and your new tools, jumping about from punishment to punishment, enjoying yourself. Take care, but have a sidesplitting time.

You should know your man and you should know how far you can push him. But you'll have to push him, because he's not thinking, he's reacting. Like I said, if you have to speak to him while you are being mean to his penis, tell him to put on his big boy pants. Don't be a baby. Give you that dick so you can teach it a fucking lesson, that's your job. His dick doesn't listen to him anyway. Separate the two. Then speak only to the cock. Explain to it that you are going to mistreat it until it gives you it's delicious gift. By sucking it out or jerking it out, it has no choice, it will give up its offering and concede to you willingly.

And always remember, a cock is not on a timer, it does not give warnings, there are no indicators that will tell you when he’s going to give up the fight and blow a heavy load. It can strike your man quite suddenly, with him silent as a log one moment, and then moaning and groaning the next. The cock can be quite unexpected as you go through your rounds, moving from cock to balls, cock to balls, taking your time to exact punishment against them, and then suddenly the tip of the penis erupts, shooting jolt after jolt of sperm into the air.

It will happen sometimes at the drop of a hat and you just may be in the process of disciplining the cock, and suddenly feel a sense of disappointment by being cheated out of a good time. You were all ready to try something new and exciting, your heart racing as you stopped to pause, not even touching the cock, and it begins ejaculating, swindling you out of your further enjoyment. Sometimes the penis just doesn’t have the stamina to stand up to you for long, going sensitive all of a sudden and then spewing out its contents. Don’t let it concern you, this too is a meaningless gesture by the organ. Yes it’s messy, and yes, if you don’t lick it up you’ll have it to clean up, but that was the goal in the first place, to elicit a response from the testicles to deliver up their warm blend. 

It’s obvious at this point, and as the penis gets softer and goes flaccid, playtime is over, and hopefully you got a chance to do everything you wanted to do to the little fuck, especially for pussying out and spewing its cream all over the place. This is one reason why it is suggested that when you exercise your rights to fuck up a cock that you do so naked. Semen hardly ever comes out of fabric and a penis can ruin a great dress or blouse.

Here comes the good part. The penis now is so sensitive all that it wants to do is shrink to the size of a button and be left alone. It's aglow with feeling, as if it was hot wired to a light socket. If you allow it, it will fade away and call it a finish. Do not do this. I repeat, do not allow this to happen. Quickly, right after ejaculation, and sometimes during if you want to see a real dramatic ejaculation, like that of a spirited geyser, which is always fun and entertaining, hold the penis tightly at the root. This is important. 

The first few bolts will nearly reach the ceiling, try to do that, then its seminal height will grow lower and lower until it just pours out of the end of the penis. Relax your hand a bit here, let the penis finish discharging, and the second that it does, grab the fuck hard at the base to trap in the blood that is rushing out of the cock and back into the body, thus pooling it in the length of the shaft and keeping the penis hard.

Once done, beat the living shit out of his meat. That's right. Beat the fuck out of that cock like it's on fire and you're trying to fan out the flames. Hammer on it mercilessly and listen as your man cries like a real bitch. The cock is so sensitive now that every jerk of your hand is like sandpaper, sending signals so mixed back to the brain that it literally shorts out. Hold the cock firmly, the blood will be trying to escape and beat that meat! Fast, hard and furious, keep your fist at the head of the cock, short strokes above and below it. If you really want to make it work correctly, make a ring out of your index finger and thumb and just stroke up and down over the ridge of the head. This will go easier on your arm and you can last much, much longer.

How long should you keep this up? How long should you make this hell on earth worth- while? Well you can do it until one of three things occur. One, until it cums again. Some cocks will actually cum a second and third time. That's right, you can milk it like a cow's udder. Milk the fuck out of it. How do you know if your cock is one of these? Well you don't. You can only find out by doing. Doesn't this mean more hell for that cock if you're expecting a train that just isn't coming? Could be, but do you really care? If it doesn't cum again, so what? Big deal, just keep beating on the red and inflamed thing. What can it do? It can't even wither away because you got it by the root, not even allowing the pooled blood to escape. All it can do is suffer.

Then there is Two: keep beating that meat until your man actually faints. He just might. His arms and legs will go slack and he'll stop trembling uncontrollably. Unfortunately, at this point the brain is still vulnerable to your attack. It could be shorted out by now, or not, but the cock is still hard in your hand, swollen and red. It has long ago given up, but with the trapped blood keeping the nerve endings alive, it's fucked. You can stop at this time but what good is that? Just because your man is out of game doesn't mean that you and the cock isn't. This is a very good time if you have others watching, like your daughters, you can beat on his meat and show them that the cock is not actually a part of the man but an independent appendage, alert and awake long after he is gone. Alright. Go ahead stop. Be a pussy about it if you wish. You may be believing that just because he is out that it still not a contest between you and the little fuck. It still is. Believe it or not. Show all of your friends who's boss. Keep beating that meat!

Then there is the third: if he regains consciousness or cums blood. But these two things you really don't have to be too concerned over. Healthy cocks never cum blood. And once your man is out, it just a free-for-all between you and the dick. Have fun, beat the shit out of it. Because the instant you let your hand go, it'll wither away like a fall leaf in a flame. If your man has lost consciousness he won't be angry at you, he'll not even know that the fight went on without him. The only two or many, depending on if your girlfriends or daughters are there, that will ever know is you, them and it. The cock will remember you after this, trust me. It'll know the next time that your meet, that it's ass is grass if it allows itself to ejaculate, because you are going to hold his little no account ass accountable.

Now here's the good news. There is no need to feel disheartened. Just because the cock has spent its load and goes slack doesn't mean that it has given up entirely. The refractory period, which is the time it takes for it to achieve another erection, comes into play. If you know your man, this may be as short as 30 minutes to an hour. For older men, sometimes longer. But if you are patient and let the man relax and settle down, with some prodding you can stir the little, beet red, meathead back to attention.

Realize that it is already incensed with you, and it doesn't take much to stir it up as it is, but with this in mind, be prepared for some more madcap fun as this little idiot rushes headlong into your insensitive hands. Can you now see how impertinent the penis is? You have clearly mastered it, and the second it can recover, it comes back at you, angry and seething, hoping to scare you off. Don't be intimidated by it. It's still the little cock that you trounced on a few minutes earlier. Remain with the program, take it low to the base, grip firmly, stare down upon it and consider its stature. As bold as it is, it has no ground to stand upon to be in awe of it. Instead, it is high time for its beating to begin.

Also remember, radical stimulation is to be used in CONJUNCTION with cock sucking or a handjob. It is not in and of itself a way to bring a man to climax. It's only to be used in the first few minutes of manual stimulation to hypersensitize the cock for oral and/or manual stimulation. Go back and forth. As your man gets used to the punishment of his member you can stick with the harsh treatment until you're ready to blow him. In the beginning it may be necessary to pepper mistreatment with pleasure just to get him used to the process. Your aim is to alternate pleasure and pain for him. Mix these up well, knowing that you have an arsenal of pain, but only two avenues for pleasure. Your toolbox is lopsided, and its easy to fall back on one side more than the other. You do not want your man to get the mistaken impression that this is all about disciplining his cock and not about bringing him to climax.

So then you are the disciplinarian. You are the adult and your man is most likely a little bitch if this is the first time you've ever slapped his cock. Don't back down. Take hold of his cock or balls or better yet, the both of them and walk into the bedroom, then change your mind and walk back into the living room. Watch how he waddles back and forth behind you. Laugh if you like, like I said, have fun, and let him know you mean him no lasting harm. But the truth is, you have to let his cock know that you seriously mean business. It's not easy, I know because to you, this is his cock.

But the blinding truth is that when he gave it to you to suck on, he made it your cock. Now you have what you've always wanted to have, a useless member that is numb to you and doesn't do anything that you demand of it. If you could dangle it between your legs you wouldn't take notice of it anyway, we men never do. You have far more control over it and the situation instead by holding it in your hands. Trust me, you have now experienced what it's like to have a cock of your very own. Not so hot, is it? It's as stubborn to you as it is to your man.

Don't forget to slap the penis out of nowhere, suddenly and often. And why not? How much respect does it give you? It stays hard and defiant all though your trying to wring pleasure from it. Well the days for pleasing the cock are over. Never forget to stop and smell the roses, which is delivering anguish to that little pecker. Like I said, if the cock is long enough, swing it into the slap, to make a resounding pop! You have to laugh at it, and you should. What is more fun than slapping a cock around when it doesn't expect it? This is a crazy circus ride, give that cock a ticket.

That's why I'm telling you that you that are free to mistreat it, hold it at the root tightly, shake it angrily as if trying to shake the cum out of it. Pinch the head, tug at it's skin, hold it until it begins to throb with your man's heartbeat, choke it until veins start to pop out along it's length. It's only a little piece of useless clay, it should even be a length of tortured veal by the way you have been treating it for the past few minutes. Who really cares? The only one that does is the cock itself, and you've taken all it's rights and privileges from it.

And remember your attitude, a mixture of rage, anger, fun and hunger. For the most reluctant man, you have to, and I can't express this strongly enough, reassure him that you are anxious to taste his semen in your mouth and swallow it to make your tummy warm.

Yes, the cock really does care how it's being treated because it does not want to be diminished or made smaller by any one at any time. It has one thing that is the downfall of many, and that's pride. Pride in itself and pride in it's importance. When looking upon it, you must realize, just by its regal stature that it is under the impression that it should be revered and respected, but the truth of the matter is that it shouldn't.

There is absolutely nothing to support this. If you are holding it firmly by the base of it, you are its master and it is your helpless minion. It is standing tall now, but it won't be in a little while. It will be flaccid and slack, lying on your man's stomach, spent and powerless, not even conscious any longer, and you, you will be the victor, crushing your enemy.

When speaking to your man, assure him the he will cum bullets, it's just that his cock has a different plan. It doesn't want to cum for you, so you have to discipline it. Tell him this while you have both of his balls in each hand and biting down on the head. Take your time in getting his gonads to do these amazing tricks. Your imagination will bubble over as to what you can do with his balls, but remember, you'll have to build up to them. However, if you're consistent and regular every time he wants a blowjob or a hand job, you'll get there. Stretch the shit out of them balls.

Let him know that it's not him that's being reluctant or disciplined, but that part of him that doesn't listen to him anyway. You want your man to become pliant, passive and most importantly, manageable. On top of that, as you cause his manhood to suffer, you need him to relax and enjoy the sensations, no matter how sharp or ailing. He's a grown man, he can take it.

You want to be able to take him and work his penis and balls as if they were mere putty. You want to be able to send sharp, short signals to his brain that have nothing to do with pleasure, and which are presently foreign to him. You want to change his brain chemistry, flooding it with hormones so that his docility can take hold in his mind, the fight slowly ebbing from him. That's what you want, and to get it, you must be unmerciful and relentless towards the penis, never tiring out, never growing weary of dispensing torment.

The penis will never, ever give in to you. It will always come back to fight you another day. You may win this round, but it will continue to resist you as long and you are with your man. Remember this: your fight is a never ending battle between you and this puny instrument. The penis is your only nemesis. Treat it as such. Like I said to you earlier, it is the enemy, and it's not made to give in to your wishes, so keep the discipline and  the castigation coming until you defeat your foe and he retreats back into your man's slacks until he feels up to confronting you another day.

So do yourself a favor. The next time your man says to suck his dick and begins plunging it into your oral cavity as if your mouth was a vagina, realize that he is only following his age old script as to how to achieve orgasm and he really needs a break from the old and an introduction to the new. Try to intervene quickly before his erection punches through the back of your skull.

When he releases your head to take a break, snatch his dick out of your mouth and take hold of the entire root of his cock and apply pressure. Suddenly he'll be at a loss for words or deeds. While he stands immobilized, just hold him there and prepare yourself. It shouldn't take long, less than a minute. If he is receptive to your hold on his cock and balls, and I'm quite certain that he will be, go ahead and begin to exact punishment against his Georgia peach by tanning it. At this point the cock will be expecting you to fight against it because of your sudden, commanding hold.

There can never be a truce between you and the cock, there can never be no hard feelings, remember this. If the cock is not being beaten by you, its laughing at you. It's doing what it thinks is its job, and you've got to do yours. If you are successful, you will be able to suck off your man in ten to fifteen minutes, giving him an earth shaking orgasm. You will also be able to wring so much sensitivity out of his cock that it'll tingle and throb long after you've said goodnight.

But don't forget that even though there should be tremendous animosity between you and this fleshy protuberance, remember that it's still connected to your man, and in the end you should let him know that you had fun with his member and that you would like to do it again. Grit your teeth and pose with the cock as if you are old friends, but keep in mind that you're only this close to it for the sake of your man. You have every intention of making it suffer the next time you meet.

Make it worth your while. He may be thinking that you want to give him another blowjob, but you should be thinking about flogging his cock and balls, even bringing friends over to help you. You should laugh out loud when you think that you can take a photo of his swollen and red balls in your fist and putting it in an invitation to all you friends with the caption, "Help me beat the shit out of these, girls!"

And when they come over, break out the wine, finger food, and music and then let them fuck with your penis. Sit back and watch as they play 'slap the penis' and let them fight over it. Giggle loudly because this is the best party you have ever thrown and your girlfriends are having the time of their lives. Let them beat his cock and smack his balls as you all carry on and belittle the little emperor, cutting it off at the knees. As the wine flows the laughs get louder, and as a door prize for playing games with the penis one of your friends gets to jack the cock off and everyone can crack up at the ejaculation.

As for your man, if he can take it, he'll cum buckets for you.

Truthfully, that was a lot of infor- mation, I know, and as you kneel there, holding that swollen and throbbing cock correctly for the first time, you must be thinking how bad it must be to go without this information for so long. All of this radically alters your perception of the penis, and the actions that you will take from now on when a man hands you over his cock to suck or jack off. But my question to you is, now that you know, what is your responsibility? Or do you have any responsibility over this information? Yes you do.

As a loving family, you as the mother should teach your teen daughters how to hold, address, treat, and discipline a penis. This is invaluable information and they can benefit greatly if given it at a young age. Right now, the median age of a young girl giving her first blowjob is sixteen years old. Wait too long and your daughter will have had a penis handed to her long before your wise counsel, without knowing what to do, and having to learn on her own.

This would certainly be a calamity. The young teenage mind is not capable of handling something that is so amazing and awe inspiring to look upon as an erect cock, and not feel a sense of admiration and embarrassment. She will be lost and confused as to how to handle such a complex and otherworldly instrument. And because of this confusion, she will pick up very poor habits. Wouldn't it have been better instead to have been there for your daughter long before, and as a loving guide, show her the penis, how it functions, what it does and feel, and how to deal with it correctly? Your daughter will have many questions upon simply looking at the member, and you will be there to answer them. 

You can be there to guide your daughter every step of the way, from dealing with boys, to handling and sucking their cocks. You can make her time studying about cock into a learning experience where she can be encouraged to excel in her studies. She will also have a balanced and full start in regards to her sexual life, and not start out as subservient to the penis, but instead take her role of its god and master.

Because you didn't wait until the confusing teenage years when she has gone through many of the adult situations on her own, you have had enough time and opportunity to continue to make mastery of the cock a fun and delightful experience. It would be an exciting mother/daughter time for her, where not only do you teach her how to suitably abuse the penis, but to also have fun doing it. If you make it an enjoyable and lively time to begin with, she will only carry this on through her adulthood. The pain and distress that she will place on a cock will be entertaining to her and not troubling as she ages.

You can also prepare her for the most traumatic experience of sucking a cock, and that would be the point of ejaculation. She will not know what to do, or what to do with it. Taken without preparation, she would be bewildered and disconcerted, sometimes even frightened. However, you can not only teach her how to properly exercise a cock, but what to do when it gives up it's load. The most important part in this is that you will be able to do so by her side, giving her the needed courage and direction to succeed.

You can teach her how to catch a steady stream of cum in her mouth, and how to play, gargle and swallow it. If taught this at a young age, she will be able to overcome any distaste for it and to go on to  become fearless when the time comes to consume semen. She will also learn to enjoy it immensely, and thus not making it taboo or disgusting in her young mind. She will even be able to swallow cum more sincerely for her man, giving him something that many men crave for in dealing with their relationships with women.

It would be a natural transition for her, moving fluidly from playing with dolls to playing with a cock. Penis discipline will be viewed as an extension of playtime for her, a graduation from a girl to a young woman. She will innocently romp and play with the penis, seeing it as just another toy. Then after a surprisingly little time she will be able to take her exams with you and pass your tests with flying colors. Her nimble young hands and fast and furious mind picking up every nuance of what you taught and drilled into her over the years.

Her skill will be self evident as she thrashes penises quickly and easily, putting them all to the grindstone of her harsh regimen and bringing their little boyfriends to climax quickly and forcefully. Your daughter will also be a plus to the young male mind, by extinguishing any misconceptions as to the ascendancy of the penis, and thereby placing your little girl below it. Instead, through her detailed fore-knowledge she will be able to instruct him as to the role of the penis and his own responsibilities in this regard. This would also cut down any abuse of her as an naive participant in very personal sex acts.

She will be made stronger and more confident in the face of men, capable, at a very young age, to dispatch them within moments and have them kneel to her will. She will be greatly respected by men because of her knowledge and boldness. She will be well equipped to deal with her own budding sexuality and that of a man's with greater ease. You would have given her a fresh, new start in life, one that you didn't have, but could have benefited from long ago. Your daughter will appreciate you for the insightful training.

Training like this should be given nationwide but there are many other obvious reasons why it can't. Instead it should be done by mothers in the privacy of their own homes. What this does is take the lesson out from a rigid, secular environment and places it in the cozy confines of a loving home. It also allows your daughter to blossom in her comfortable surroundings so that the introduction of something as unfamiliar as the penis would not frighten her.

When their daughter's 'graduate' they will know how to enjoy sex better, deal with young men better and enjoy the rigorous cock thrashing more than a woman just learning. She will be able to elicit more joy and satisfaction from addressing the cock as a true nemesis and not only defeating a very powerful foe, but conquering it consistently.

This only reinforces her sense of worth and instills in her cheer and comfort. Pose her for a graduation picture once the training is over. She no longer looks confused and naive, but comfortable and jubilant as she looks forward into a new world of opportunities for her.

As she reaches adulthood, she will never forget her training and will relish in the fact that she is far more advanced than her contemporary 'sisters' in how to deal with a cock. It will no longer be a mystery to her, the balls will not be some delicate pair of accessories and the entire gonad will be a war zone that she can easily navigate. But above all, first and foremost, she will not feel pity, but instead sheer elation, aware that she knows the limits of harming the penis due to her practiced skill, and complete lack of remorse or compassion as she applies stern thrashings to her small, insignificant nemesis.

But lets give some credit where credit is due. The penis is a formidable foe. If anything could be fashioned against you to have sure success it would be it. The penis is a powerful adversary, smart, quick, capable and has the ability to rebound again and again until YOU tire of the conflict. It will wear you down if you lack endurance, subdue you if you are weak, prevail over you if you are compassionate, break you if you are fragile, and defy you if you are frustrated. It is the cock and it should be respected. If you allow it, it can kick your ass. In its own kingdom, the cock stands alone.

However, always remember, there is a clear victor in this contest, and that would be you. No cock or balls could ever defeat you in a head to head match, so stop being so subservient to it. Give blowjobs and handjobs often, and deal with the penis in a consistent, rigorous and severe manner. You are the queen and it is the serf. Hold it up triupmphantly and show to all that you are the supreme soverign of its world. Flat out defeat it and make it despair, dashing all of it's hopes and prayers, and casting it into pain and misery. Stare upon your handiwork, and hold it tightly. Feel the cock's sense of loss and calamity. Relish in its affliction and agony, rear your head back and laugh.