Saturday, April 13, 2013

In the Eye of Several Storms

Okay boys and girls, it's manifesto time.

Yeah, I know. I just get heated up sometimes and it has to come out. I have been busy and I have been constant in my writing, but the truth is, sometimes I want to get to talking and I have no reason not to. As they say in the ghetto, I want to pop shit and that's when I post. I know I'm a sick puppy now because I've found a new love, a new preoccupation, and of course it has to be pornographic. I know many of my readers that used to tune in because I wrote about homelessness have long gone, largely because I've stopped talking about homelessness for years. It's been ages since I lived on the streets, so I have nothing for those persons to keep returning for. Then I talked about my sickness, my mental state and now, I'm certain that even that has become boring to many of my readers who are probably now gone.

Although I will still talk about these things, I have new ideas and constants that have kept me busy as of late. I make no bones about changing my tune, and if lose many of you, so be it. I write about what either irks or fascinates me. Therefore, I have to say, Internet porn is probably the best thing since sliced bread. I remember when I was a kid and I wanted to see a woman's naked body. You couldn't. You just weren't allowed. You could get the lingerie section from a store magazine, but you just couldn't see naked, quivering flesh. Later, I learned to stand outside of magazine shops and pay grown men to go in and buy a PLAYBOY or HUSTLER magazine for me, but still, you just got tits and simulated sex.

NOW, if you are a 9 year old boy and have a hankering to see women and girls do fun things, just go to your computer! Shit, with the flick of the mouse, you can see more than just a naked woman, you can watch, in full color, as a woman fucks, takes it in the ass, sucks cock and drinks cum. Yeah, it's all there. Sit for an hour and a half and you can collect more shit for your spank bank than you can beat your meat on in a year. What a great time to be a young boy with testicles full of cum! There is no art or contrivance that is more beautiful than a woman fucking for dear life, no holes barred, flat out, pedal to the medal.

What does this say for the young people in the future? They'll be more sexually advanced at a younger age than we were, and will deal with mature themes when at the same age we were flying kites and playing with dolls. Is this a bad thing? I don't know. I'll be long dead before much of this shit happens so I don't have to make a determination. Further, I never had children, so I have nothing to work with. I'm not in any position to make changes, so, what the fuck? Why should I care or do anything about it?

So, moving on from the social conse- quences of Internet porn—I was just comparing it to my day and the things that I went through just to see tits and a vagina. Now, I surf for porn, and it literally blows my mind. The shit that is going on now even blows away (no pun intended) the porn of my young adult life. Back then, we used to have to go to a theater to see some good porn, and I can still remember walking into a darkened theater with a group of adult men, who appeared as mere shadows in the dark, and watching a ten foot vagina getting impaled by a fifteen foot prick. It was incredible. I stopped in the aisle and looked up at the fucking scene as if it was a close encounter of the third kind.

But things were never like they are today. The first blow job I had ever seen in porn was in a movie where cheer- leaders were trying out. There were two rival squads trying to get into the playoffs and while the second squad was going through their program, the first squad was under the judges table sucking cock and drooling cum. Funny, even when I was a young adult, I thought that there was something wrong or incomplete about drooling cum. I couldn't put my finger on it then,  but I can now.

Moving on, I, like most men, love blow jobs. Even the sight of them makes us stop. Once, before I was homeless, and when I was a commuter, going back and forth to New Jersey from New York to work, I was in the Port Authority bus terminal, and while walking up a flight of stairs I came across a man standing, facing me on the top landing. He had his pants and underwear down around his ankles and a woman was before him, on her knees, the back of her head facing me, bobbing at his crotch. I have to admit, I was both stunned and hypnotized at the sight of it. I stood there as if someone had turned on a projector and threw a pornographic movie against the top of the stair. The man, opening his eyes from his state of bliss, noticed me, and his eyes then narrowed sharply in anger. The change in his features awoke me from my stupor and I headed back down the stair and found another route to my bus.

In my life I've had blow jobs in exotic places, in cars, restrooms, in a park, on the front stoop of a brown- stone, but the Internet rubs your nose in it, giving you the blow jobs that got away. Such as, what I don't find to be too much fun as is, but having a blow job given by two women. It looks nice, but I like to skullfuck just one woman. Oh...what is that? That's when you put your cock in her mouth, take her by either two fist-fulls of hair or by the back of her head, and bang away as if you're trying to break in her teeth. You treat the mouth like a vagina, railing away on her face until you cum. Now some might think that that's harsh, but the truth is, is that all men love to skullfuck a woman.

It's because, that's how the penis, or more accurately, the erection is. It's a numb, obtuse little fuck whose only real sensation in the beginning is that it's swollen and it aches. That's it. When a woman kisses on your cock gingerly, sucks on it lightly, plays with it with her tongue, in the beginning it's fucking annoying. Later on, when the erection is sensitive, all that lip work and tongue play can pay off, but until then, in the beginning, the harsher the treatment, the better. Yeah, that's right ladies. Want to drive your man mad? Then get with the program. I'm going to shoot it to you straight and you deal with it the best way that you can.

The second he puts his veiny erection in your face, grab it firmly by the root like you're going to yank it out of his crotch and smack the head with the back of your hand as if it had let fly an insult and you reacted in anger. Even if he yelps from pain, it has no comparison to the pain that his member is giving him just by being hard. If he can take it, and I bet he can, continually beat the shit out of his cock until it turns vermillion and the head swells up like a firm mushroom cap. Now that bitch is sensitive and you can do all the silly lip work and tongue play as you like. Still, take my word for it, never treat a new erection like a flower or a delicate snowflake because it's not. It's an angry, hard, mean motherfucker that needs severe discipline. The harsher and more hurtful you treat it, the more your man will be stunned and surprised, and that's what you want. You want to jar him to his senses...he's getting a blowjob by you damnit.

Suck on it like you are are trying to drink a thick, frozen milkshake though it and it was a stupid straw with a kink in it. Because that's all it is is a stupid straw and you want to make it clear to him that you know that are a set of balls attached to the other end of it, and that it is your intention to suck the semen straight out of them. The only problem is that the dick is resistant to that idea and you're there to prove to it that you can beat the cum out of it. Smack it hard against your cheek angrily and often. Let those cheekbones bite into the side of it.

Beat it on your lolling tongue, or the palm of your hand as if it was a senseless billy-club, or if you're in the bathroom, strike it sharply against the side of the sink or wall. The point I'm trying to make here is give it no quarter, beat that cock like we do. We're not playing when we're masturbating, so neither should you when you have to handle a cock. Don't be a girl, go apeshit and deal with it like you hate the thing. Don't be afraid of being insensitive and thoughtless, lash out at the piece of's not attached to what the wont feel shit.

If you want to be ginger with something, go play with a baby or a bouquet of flowers, but deal with the dick like you're somebody. Prove that you are a woman with some steam in your pipes and smack those balls around like you're in a tennis match. Grab them little fuckers and hold them like you own them. Grasp the scrotum just behind the balls so that they swell just outside of your fist and smack those little shits because they have been bad boys. All this time you have been sucking your man's cock you've only licked and sucked on them as if they weren't as bad as the dick itself. Keep it up, keep smacking those balls until they turn beet red. That'll show that stubborn, witless cock who's the boss. 

Know how to hold a set of balls. They are the enemy. They are in fact very sensitive, but you can push the envelope. See how much testicular pain your boy can take and be firm and aggressive with them. There is no need to treat them like a pair of quail eggs. They are the red headed step children of cock sucking. They are mostly ignored and left in the cold. Your man doesn't even know they exist while you are sucking him off. That is why you need to address them, to his shock and amazement. To him, he'll come around, realizing that they were hanging there all along, just swinging in the breeze, vulnerable to you and your mean-spirited hands all this time.

Take them fucks like you are going to walk off with them, and get your man's attention. Get up off your knees and walk over to the couch and sit down without asking him, pulling him by his balls, and laugh as he walks like an obedient penguin wherever you go. Shit, if he's been a bastard to you this week march him around in a useless circle and tell him how much you like walking him like a dog on a leash. He'll wake the fuck up on you for sure and a sinking feeling will hit his belly that he is no longer fucking your mouth, but that you are in charge of his entire body, especially if you take him by the balls. Don't be timid, just do it. Do whatever comes to mind to him, mistreat him if he's done the same to you.

Always remember that you are in control, you always have been, you've just abdicated your power because you thought that a blowjob was some sort of romantic thing. Well, the bad news is that men don't really dig romance, they need something more substantial to get their attention, much like a car crash in a boring car race. Therefore flick the head of his penis with your finger a couple of times, as if the head was a small, brass bell, that should jar him into fucking reality and take notice. If you want, bite down on the cock, sink your teeth into it, unless you bite it off he won't feel shit, just pressure.

I told you that the cock is insensitive unless you've been beating on it for awhile. If you have, it might be short circuiting like the lights on a Christmas tree and he'll feel every tooth. But even if you hurt him, and he starts whimpering and yelping like a little bitch, and warns you not to do that, don't be concerned, HE'LL GIVE YOU THE DICK BACK! Can you believe that? What kind of fucking fool does that? At any other time in his life, if you poke him in the eye, or kick him in the ass, he won't put his eye near your finger ever again, or his ass near your foot, but mistreat his cock while you're sucking on it,  and he'll snatch it away, and then after a weak admonition, he'll carefully return it to you, entrusting you to finish. Men love cock sucking even if you make them pay for it. And for you, the answer is simple, go right back to what you were doing as if you didn't hear him or never cared at all. What is he going to do? Take his dick back? Not likely, he'll just deal with it until the sensitivity rises and other, more pleasurable signals start to fire up his synapses.

Ladies, this is your opportunity to prove who is the boss of a blowjob. All that gentle, loving shit is for nerds. Stop reading those romance novels where some woman tenderly sucks a cock to orgasm. NO. You want to set the record straight. You want him to blow a load so copious and hard that he nearly faints. Then you got to treat him like a man, and treat his dick spitefully. The more hateful and hurtful you are to his little member, the more sensitive you will make it, and the more you will place yourself over the rest of the cocksuckers as dominant. In this respect, men love to be abused. Don't just take my word for it...ask him.

The more aggressive you are, and heartless with his cock, the more he'll adore you for it, and he'll even take you for granted less, realizing that you have some moxie in your tank. He'll probably want more blowjobs too, that's if he is like me and loves a little pain with his pleasure. Serve it up, hurt that cock, make it sensitive and then when he cums two things will happen, his knees will buckle and he'll praise you.You'll really surprise him, causing him to wonder where you got this new woman from? Were you locked up inside of that body all of this time, just waiting to come out?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you to mutilate his dick, but trust me, the cock can take a great deal of abuse. Heap it on, lavish his manhood with torment. Smack it, slap it, slam it, stuff it, bite it, pull it, step on it, hit it, lash it, punch it, shake it, strike it, swing it, thump it, don't just suck on it, and see how much he can take.

You'll be surprised just how much he'll deal with as you tenderize his member. You have a variety of pain that you can inflict. Mix it up, match it up like you do your clothing and shoes. Fill your heart with unkindness and have fun. And that's the gist of it, have a hell of a time and don't view it as a laborious chore. His cock is Disneyworld and you are a toddler with a hand full of ride tickets and cotton candy. Take his dick out for a spin, he wont do anything about it but turn subservient and docile, and that's what you want out of him. You want him to go to his happy place while you suck on his hypersensitive cock.

Like ground beef, it takes a little time in the grinder, but when it comes out it's tender and delicious. Have the time of your life with it, it's only a cock. So what he cherishes it as the most important thing in his life, he gave it to you to deal with didn't he? Manhandle it and play your favorite song on the stereo, watch your funniest sitcom and brutalize his little thingy. Like I said, have a blast, it's only a cock. Further, this is not to be taken as if I hate men, or want to see men harm, and that oral sex such as what I've described above is burdensome. No, I just like calling a cock a cock, and I call shit as I see it. With this being said ladies, fuck that dick up. Be nice to him tomorrow with a back rub, but for right now, beat on that little cock until he cries.

Another wonderful thing about Internet porn that blows my mind is cum swallowing. When I first saw a cum swallowing compilation I almost shot a load right then in my slacks. Seriously. It was just, and this I swear, one close up shot after the other of women, smiling, with their mouths open for a moment, tongue lolling, with a teaspoonful (sometimes a tablespoon) of cum on the plaza of their tongues, just to show the audience what is there, swallowing it with a broad smile, and then a quick cut to the next lovely face doing the same, again, and again. A literal head parade of different races, features, and hairstyles, all swallowing cum like the march of the wooden soldiers. After about fifty of these swallowing heads have passed you unconsciously realize that all women can gulp down a load and there is really no excuse for not being able to. But still, after the compilation...Wow, what a fucking tour-de-force.

I just love a woman that can swallow a load of semen and smile, or laugh. And opposite that, I can't stand a woman that makes a big fucking deal out of it. Swallowing goo should be fun, and many times it is. I watched a documentary called WHORE'S GLORY. It was awesome. This one whore in MEXICO, is giving the details of swallowing cum, and it's different flavors: from baby's milk to devil's vomit, and how she used to swallow for a living. Yep, that's right, she used to swallow devil's vomit for a living. No big deal, because it's no big deal. It's only a big deal in your head. Break that. Make it a goal to swallow semen at least twice or three times a week and retrain your brain. But going back to whores.

Whores are working harder and harder for sex now because women are doing what whores used to do exclu- sively. In my dad's day, a man couldn't ask his wife for a blow job. It just wasn't done by decent women--even the men felt guilty asking. So they went to whores who sucked cock and swallowed cum. Now, in our day, an average woman will give you a good cock-sucking right in the alleyway of the club that you just met her in. A wife will now suck your dick and let you film her doing it for later spank bank material or posting up on the Internet without her knowledge. And wives, girlfriends and the chick you picked up in the club, SWALLOW.

The reversal here is that it's fucking dangerous for a whore to swallow, so what can she do? They fucking specialize.

They give you a choice now when you get a blow job. You can have the 'No Hands', the 'Nose Pinch', the 'Rocking Chair', the 'Deep Reverse', the 'Toothbrush', and the 'Smell my Nads'. Yep, all of these are blow jobs....personally I call the Rocking Chair, Skullfucking, but whose to say? What the fuck do I know? Same goes with the No Hands. But whatever you want, you can find a great variety in fucking a woman's face as well as doing the dirt.

Doing the Dirt, is what I call swallowing. There is nothing more incomplete than a blowjob without swallowing. What the fuck are you sucking on a dick for in the first fucking place? To stop and jack it off on the tits? NO. To jack it off in the hand? NO. To cum in your mouths and have you spit it out? NO. Think about it, why do you have an erection going down your throat? Obviously this question has passed through your mind while you had a cock in your mouth. No? Just as a woman who is being fucked looks up quizzically if a man pulls out of her and jacks off on her stomach, so too does a man look down when he is about to cum. Where is it all going to go? 

If he cums in her mouth, he stares. What is she going to do with a mouthful of spunk? Drumroll please. It's that moment of decision that passes before her face that we watch with such heightened anxiety. Her eyes darting around in her head, her glancing about for something to spit into, her finger against her lips, keeping them closed so as not to drool any, her cheeks distended and swollen, her oral cavity quickly filling up with saliva, mixing with the cum. She's about to burst as if her mouth was pregnant with issue. This is the fun part. You know that fireworks are busting caps in her skull as to what to do.

And then the moment of truth, when she decides to swallow. We can see it in your eyes. Many times you look up into ours as if asking for permission or forgiveness. And then two things can happen. The face can clench, the eyes wrinkling and the swallow hard as if swallowing a dry ball of bread, OR it can be a swallow, like a normal one, the cheeks shrinking, and a broad smile and glittering eyes greeting you in return. Jack-fucking-pot. There's absolutely nothing like it. If he didn't love you before, he loves you now. I shit you not. As for the big finale with the sour face...go fuck yourself. Learn to swallow cum, the only reason why you don't is because you're a idiot.

Seriously, women are confused about this matter and I would just like to clear one thing up. Cum is not for making babies. Cum is for fun. If on average, the place where a man leaves his semen should be a woman's mouth, by an eight to one ratio. Why? Because it's a whole lot of fun. Depositing semen in the vagina can only spell one thing...children. Whereas you can pump whole tankers filled with cum into her mouth with nothing to worry about.

Also confusing to women is that they think we care how they think our semen tastes. In fact, we couldn't care if it was the worst glop you have ever tasted--swallow it! Simple as that. You want to bitch and moan because it doesn't taste like chocolate, or key-lime pie, or something straight out of the culinary institute, go on ahead, just complain to yourself. We don't care. There is only one imperative that we are concerned with. So, swallow it! And stop being a fucking crybaby. Millions of women, from 14 to 80 are swallowing spunk, so put on your big girl pants and just swallow it! And shut the fuck up.

It's odd. Women are always putting something in their mouths, spicy foods, hot foods, cold foods, exotic foods. You find some women that drink straight scotch or bourbon, while others smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. In any event, they put malicious material into their mouths every fucking day, and just like with tasting sour milk from a carton, they swallow. They swallow strong drink, black coffee, and just plain bad food. So what is the big deal in swallowing a teaspoon full of cum? Think about it. When they were children and their mother gave them a dose of cod liver oil, or castor oil, they swallowed and that was that. How bad is even a tablespoon full of spunk? Not bad enough for your bullshit. Grin and bear it. 

That's the cost of dealing on a personal level with a cock, sooner or later you will have to come against a load of sperm. Now the question is: what are you going to do with it? What you should do is see it like a starter pistol going off. When the dick ejaculates it's your cue to go into motion, to put on a show, to act opposite of what your instincts tell you. Act like you are insanely crazy about getting every drop of sperm in your belly. Act like it's the antidote for what ails you. Act like its the best tasting material that you have ever put in your mouth, like honey from a comb. Act like you are getting an academy award, because that's what you want. You want to please your man, or whomever you are sucking at the moment, and the act, no matter how much you don't feel it, turns him on. Isn't that what you are sucking a cock for? To give the person on the other end of the dick the unique experience of having oral sex with you?

Whatever you get out of it in the meantime, a ride home, his phone number, some money, a promotion, a good grade in class, this months rent paid, the washing machine fixed or the car tires balanced, is meaningless. You give him a good show and you'll get what you want. Play with a mouthful of cum, it's to be enjoyed, and then swallowed. And by all means, don't forget to speak up. You won't shut up any other time, why now? After swallowing, thank him for his giving you a dose of healthy protein straight from the tap. Tell him how it tastes great and you can't wait to have another shot soon. Even before he cums, encourage him, beg him for his load, open your mouth in anticipation for it, strain to get an entire mouthful. Tell him how badly you want it. Sing to him to cum for you. It's all about attitude. Have a good one and you'll see more benefits from cocksucking than you can imagine.

Like I said, cum is for fun. It's the Ferris wheel of sex. This is also why my new fetish in Internet porn is Bukkake. First of all, I LOVE it because it drives the radical feminists nuts. It really does. Bukkake has them foaming at the mouth, and not for all the right reasons either. And then comes GOKKUN, this one is so hot for them they don't even mention it. It screws with them so much, they'd rather believe that it didn't exist. But it does blow the mind if you ever see it, or can imagine it. It's a mind fuck as much as it is a sexual act. 

Everyone has reasons why the effect of Gokkun on people is so visceral, but the truth is is that SEX IS VISCERAL. There is no denying it. If you don't believe me go ahead and cum in your friend's sixteen year old daughter's mouth, and I guarantee you that all three of you, your friend, her and YOU will feel something when it is brought out, trust me. The three of you will have a right fun time sorting out all of your conflicting emotions.

I'm not saying to go and fuck teenagers in the mouth... that is unless they ask you to, then by all means, hurry up and drop a huge load down their throats before they change their minds, and also I'm not saying to skullfuck your friends daughters, but what I am saying is that when the cum starts flying, heads start burning. Seminal fluid has such impact on people that it's almost overwhelming. Unless you are me. I don't give a fuck about what consenting adults do. And in many states in this great republic, it IS legal to pump a load of jism into the mouth of a innocent young girl at sixteen. And even younger and more tender if her parents sign her over to you. Hey, I didn't make the law, don't bitch at me.

But that gives radical feminists a heart attack too. I'm not going there, because that would be taking this post on a moral UPSLOPE, and I'm definitely going DOWNSLOPE here. But now, I want this post to melt the synapses of the radical feminists that don't read me. Not because I hate women, I don't and I'm certain many of my female readers will obviously state that I do for reasons unknown. 

I'll tell you what I hate. I hate a society that lies about women, and a group that are no more a pack of censors and extremists as the Taliban are the radical feminists. Because of this, and not that I hate women, I would like to go into the birth of Bukkake and Gokkun. As you can no doubt tell by the names, they originated in Japan. Strangely enough it is against the law to show genitals in Japanese porn. What the fuck is that about? What the fuck is porn without genitals? I guess that is why tentacle sex is so big in that country. However, in Japan, in their porn, penises and vaginas are pixelated or turned into small squares so that watching porn is essentially BORING. Therefore they had to be more creative. It's not against the law to show semen, and semen is an essential qualitative presence in sex, so Japanese film-makers film semen more than anything else.

A Japanese master of porn, director Kazuhiko Matsumoto in 1998 began the filming of what he called Bukkake, which means in Japanese "to dash", "splash", or "heavy splash". The word bukkake is often used in Japanese to describe pouring out water with sufficient momentum to cause splashing or spilling. Indeed, bukkake is used in Japan to describe a type of dish where hot broth is poured over noodles, as in bukkake udon and bukkake soba. Are you starting to get the point? Kazuhiko got one young Japanese woman and put her in the middle of scores of men. Yeah. It started with a ridiculous number of men, like forty, and now it towers into the 200s. Then what happened in the beginning was surreal to watch. In the early 2000s, these 30, 40, 60 men would cum on the face of the woman, covering her with semen. Literally obliterating her face with the pearly white, thick substance.

Then, later, this enormous admixture went directly and entirely into her mouth. Yep. She would hold as much sperm in her mouth as she could and then when she could hold no more, she'd swallow. But it didn't stop there. This would continue, over and over and over again until all 60, 70, 80 men were satiated in her mouth. You can just imagine the girl now not wanting to order out for sushi after filming one of these?  Soon, the stomach itself must complain that enough is enough. Even someone drinking a gallon of water will get full, but what about a gallon of cum? Does it slosh around in her belly? Does it feel like she ate a full meal? And what of the health benefits? There must be scores when a woman takes in so much testosterone. Youthful features, less wrinkles, glowing skin and hair, stronger muscles and teeth, the benefits must be limitless.

Needless to say, I watch this shit transfixed. One mastur- bating penis after another over her youthful face, or beating away until ejaculation, and aiming it all into her gaping orifice, only to be pushed aside by the next guy pounding away on his cock and doing the same. Her mouth fills quickly with the waxy liquid and out of nowhere, she swallows down this half-pint of baby batter ooze and then her mouth snaps open again, yawning like an open pit, empty, like a hungry guppy.

John Thompson took bukkake to Germany, and he runs an amazing show called German Goo Girls or GGG. Bukkake at its finest without the pixelated out penises. The neat thing about Thompson is that he doesn't have professional porn actresses suck down a gallon of spunk, he has open casting calls to the women of Germany to come in and audition.

His audition room is always packed. How do I know this? He films it for crissakes! Are German women more loose morally than American women? Shit no. What surprises me is what compels a woman, who's flipping through a newspaper for a job or an apartment, to come across an ad that says to come into John Thompson's studio and audition for sucking over 20 or 30 men and swallowing all of their cum, to then look in the mirror and say: "I can do it!" I know women suck a lot of cock, but that many at one time? And swallow that much cum? And yet they line up to come in and fuck like the world is coming to an end.

The Americas have some form of it already, in the gang bang, where sex is involved for the first half of the show, followed by a limited bukkake of about ten men. Mostly all of these are pro- fessional porn stars, and the very few bukkake shows in America are also closed to the female public from participating in it. What I'm saying here is that they don't put an ad in the newspapers inviting housewives, school and college girls to come out and drink a whole lot of semen. Also the radical feminists are flipping over like nuts about bukkake so it hasn't hit big here in the states simply because some producers are afraid of a serious backlash. It's obvious that Japan and Germany don't give a fuck.

Britain isn't even highbrow enough to avoid the bukkake trend. This too, since the Brits don't have much of a porn business commercially, is done by housewives and girlfriends on the internet who get friends and family together as bukkake extras. What I mean when I say this is that they invite all the men that they and their friends know to come and line up and blow their loads in their mouths. Amazing to think of it, but it's true. This is also crucial because you need a number of men willing and able to ejaculate on camera, or to appear naked because many times the woman is fully clothed. Once again, the dichotomy between a man and a woman when it comes to fellatio.

Type in 'British Bukkake' and see the number of homemade websites from the Brits who have to have their own cum slinging parties to create and market their own type of fun. It's amazing that no innocent men or women were harmed in the making of this type of porn over there. I wonder what husband twisted his wife's arm to get her to swallow the load of all of his friendly male neighbors? You know...because women are so exploited into huffing down strangers cum like the town reservoir. It boggles my mind. I just can't imagine that women can willingly swallow quarts of sperm, suck a stunning variety of dicks and allow themselves to be filmed doing so all at the same time. It's just impossible. If you're a rad fem.

Cum Queen Jade is the biggest self imposed purveyor of british bukkake on the internet. She started her own website and enlisted scores of men willing to pump their legacy in the mouths of unknown women, and the women in the old republic just began falling in line for a chance at guzzling down the issue of an untold number of men at one time. Queen Jade also is not slowing down from the lack of willing participants, just like John Thompson, and how do I know this? Because she says so every time she introduces a new young woman to the world of semen swimming.

Because of the rabid rush for more and more semen and trying to top one another when the numbers of men failed to amaze and started to blunt the senses instead, following hot behind the heels of Bukkake came Gokkun. It's really the same as Bukkake, with a young girl diddling with the cocks of 220+ men, but instead of cumming in her mouth the platoon of men cum in a crystal goblet, mug, pitcher, milk bottle, or a line of martini glasses and the girl drinks all of the man paste up. 

Again, you are amazed at the sheer volume of semen that can be generated by willing men, and the same amazement is then reserved for the willing young lady that can drink all of it down.These women seem bottom-less, or have a hollow leg as they drain every testicle around them of their production, turning them into raisins in the scrotum. And these women are not struggling to scarf down buckets of sperm either. Instead they are attacking each and every container as if they were dying of thirst, happily galloping down their contents as if it was an oasis of water.

Yes, this turns me on, and I can't put a finger on why. Maybe because I found out that the radical feminists are charged up over it to the point of aneurisms. That's fun watching them short circuit over sex, and not just over that but over women performing some of the most insane, mind numbing acts for money. There is just no reason for a woman or girl to sit down and drink quarts of semen unless it's to titillate men. Women doing the most fun things in service of men's desires, and the radical feminists boil over such math.

Radical feminists spend their precious time breaking down the most base human act that can be found, next to murder, and dissecting what is going on in the minds of men that watch it. I wonder if they can tell that what's going on in my mind as I watch Bukkake and Gokkun is that they are pulling their hair out at the sheer fact that it's available to me in the land of the free and the home of the brave. This shit must piss them off that it falls under free speech, and as long as I am an adult I can watch whatever the fuck I want. So since it's unconstitutional to deny me my right to watch what I please, and since they can't keep producers and women themselves from making their own brand of cum drinking films, they condemn everyone involved as being exploited, exploitative, just plain stupid or morally bankrupt.

It also must chap their asses that a woman, or young girl, who they are no doubt calling stupid, is willingly slurping down glasses of cum like a fucking 'got milk' commercial, or maybe it's that all of these exploited women are making money hand over fist and doing nothing but fucking to get it. Yes, porn stars are fucking. They are not having meaningful sex. Both individuals in porn do not need to be trying to satiate the other, it's not about intimacy and mutual satisfaction. It's not about exploitation or abuse, or power or humiliation. It's not about any of these things. It's about fists meeting nuts, rubber hitting the road, end of the line motherfucking fucking, with one, two or 120+ genitals involved, and if it's done right, semen, and a whole lot of it.

It's about the dirty, low down act of human copulation. That's it. It's about copulation, or what I like to call STRAIGHT FUCKING. All this bullshit about humiliation and exploitation, is just that. When a fourteen year old junior high school girl labors over her classes and finds that at her finals she failed two classes and will not graduate, she quietly devises a plan before the report cards come out. A trade. Simple and clean. She dresses in her short, pleated school skirt, and white blouse, unbuttoned past her little, hard, perky breasts and goes to see the teachers that are failing her. 

Acting stupid, she lets the teachers take the initiative, allowing them to make the proposal to pass her for a blow job. This was what she had long ago decided she was going to do in her room when getting dressed that Sunday night in the mirror to see how seductive the stockings were that she was planning to wear. She had long ago decided to give these men head because it was easy. She didn't have to have sex, didn't have to get undressed, and if she swallowed the load (which many young girls now think is impolite if you don't) it would be easy as hell to clean up. It could be done right in the classroom on the desk, the girl's bathroom stall, a dirty stairwell in the school, the grimy janitor's closet, or in the teacher's messy car, and done in just a few minutes. After a few jerks, a long pull and a brief swallow, she had her passing grade in the bag. It was so easy that she could knock off two teachers in one afternoon, and probably the varsity quarterback, just because she had a roll going. What did it cost her to suck all of these dicks? Absolutely nothing, not even the fear of pregnancy.

What gets me about this is that the rank and file act like this isn't happening every day with young women. With the stated median average year of young girls performing fellatio to be about sixteen, although the truth of the matter is that this number is most likely far under reported for fear of reprisals from friends and relatives, the exact year of the loss of oral virginity is more in the vicinity of 14 years old today. And the fact that this is done by young girls on their own accord is what is the most stunning, with many of them daring the other as to who can perform oral sex first and the best. That's right, so watch out for your little boys, because little girls are intrigued about the little pieces of meat dangling from between their legs and before long they will have it in their hungry little mouths while you are in the next room having coffee with their mother. 

The reason for the employing of oral sex by young girls is simple... it's easy and doesn't involve her own sexuality. She doesn't have to have sex to please a boy or man. She can engage in oral copulation at that drop of a hat, and in a moments provocation. She can perform it anytime, anywhere, with friends or without. It is not time consuming or mentally intensive, and if she is focused, can finish it in just a few minutes. She has full control over the act, the when and the where for the most part. And the power that she wields over the opposite sex is another compelling factor. She can trade a blow-job for just about anything from any man. 

With this power, she proves that she is no longer a little girl, with bows in her hair and lollipops in her fists. By exchanging fistfuls of cock instead of candy, she graduates to the big leagues and becomes the envy of all of her girlfriends. And lastly is the fun factor. The fun of being naughty, edgy, unpredictable. She is suddenly a force to be reckoned with, a tsunami of pleasure at a moments notice. She is wild, insane, sexy, alluring, she can transform into anything she wants to be by taking hold of a dick and putting it in her mouth. After drinking alcohol until intoxication, and having no inhibitions, she can take to flight and soar over the heads of conventional women, and that's what the radical feminists hate to realize. A young girl today believes that she is smarter and wiser than her predecessors, and she has the sheer number of other young women around her to prove it.

Take for instance the 'sex bracelet' craze that struck young girls in the past few years. Sex bracelets were gel bracelets that were all the rave in the 80's, but had made a surprising comeback when parents the world over found out that their little girls, some as young as 12 years old, were playing a game called 'Snap'. The rules are simple. A young girl would wear a wrist filled with these multicolored bracelets and if a young boy was to pull on it and break it free of her wrist, the girl was to perform whatever color was the bracelet that was broken. 

The acts and color breakdown are as follows: a yellow bracelet was a hug from the girl; a purple one was a kiss; a red one and your little daughter had the young man in a deserted classroom, giving him a lap-dance; a blue one and she would be in the stairwell sucking his cock, and a black one and your pig-tailed little darling was fucking. These were pre-teens engaged in this behavior. Need more to be said? On top of this, parents have all but flushed the thought of this game out of the media and their minds, now vigilant of the bracelets...but what about the mindset of the young people who are engaged in these things? Are parents vigilant about that? Did they erase the motivators that caused a twelve year old girl to take a boy by the hand an find someplace private to put his cock in her mouth? I don't think so.

This is happening and it will continue to happen, with girls getting younger and younger in their search for sexual identity because they undoubtedly mature faster than boys, women will no doubt continue to find sexual expression through pornography, as is indicative of the sheer number of women, young and old not only entering into the professional porn field, but also the homemade versions from their homes by way of the Internet, and sex parties thrown by large promoters for women to come, get drunk and perform all kinds of sex acts as a group. 

Sex is becoming more and more prevalent as the days wear on and as one generation passes after another. One day we too will become irrelevant in the scene of the sexual mores of society. Our chance has passed, and just as we didn't listen to our parents when we were young, we should cater no illusions that young people not do the same to us. There is truly a new world dawning, and our free society has brought it about. All we can do is watch and learn as the march of years lead us to the grave.

And radical feminists hate that new practicality. I call it the New Math. They just don't get it, because they are the passing generation trying to school the next and the next....and quite frankly, they are failing miserably at it, and in their failure comes frustration and hatred. They see young women doing things that they would never have thought to do at their age. Everything is shocking, and young girls are confusing to them, largely because they are trying to raise them with the same mores that they were raised with a half century ago.

But it is true, as younger and younger girls wake up to a penis in their hands, it has to be realized, that for both developing boys and girls, men and women, there is a sea-change approaching that will forever shake up the way we view and have sex. As for the radical feminists, it's the old saying. Those women and girls that can suck a dick, will suck on one all the time. Those that can't suck a dick, teach others not to do so, and that doing so is exploitative and humiliating. And those who are tired of watching the ones that engage in Bukkake...condemn.



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